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A Week of Work by Ozzie Wrong


“Ozzie”, “Oska”, “Oz”, Oscar Billy Pippen Wright is surfer’s favorite goon. The artist, musician, film-maker; a winged manimal on a mission. Hailing from the Land Down Under, Sydney Australia to be exact, he has been riding for Volcom for ten years now. In that time he has also grown into an art juggernaut turning out beautifully spastic and distinctively raw pieces. He claims his latest line took him a whole week hunkered down in his goon studio. Check out the Acid inspired, Anti-Bad Vibe Shield, and all Ozzie’s styles at SWELL.



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SWELL Snapshot | Shawn Parkin San Clemente Local Lensman Shares His Style In SWELL's November Catalog

SWELL caught up with surf photographer Shawn Parkin to get perspective on his  South Orange County surf imagery featured in SWELL’s November catalog. Shawn skated from his San Clemente pad and met us at Bull Taco to grind some $1 Tacos and $2 Tecates. Here’s what we gathered from the bearded lensman.
(Surf Imagery Prints Avail at, Free Catalogs Subscription)

SWELL: First Parkin shot ever published

Parkin: I think my first shots published both online and in print were from the infamous Fire Swell in October of 2007. (more…)

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On-Trend | The Anorak

anorakThis season’s “it” garment is undoubtedly the light hoody for guys known as the “Anorak”. Its the perfect parka for layering up and cutting down the wind. (more…)

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Insta Street Style | Winter is Coming Checking on Surfing's Savages, and the Styles They're Rocking Around the World


@DylanGoodale has been KILLING it in the Triple Crown thus far. He and Paul Fisher highly recommend you get some REEF Gear. Wait, is that Brody Jenner…WTF?