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Tavik Coachella Survival Sweeps

Every festival-goer knows the inherent risks of weekend long music benders in the sun like; lobster burn, hangovers, lost phones, thizzle face, public nudity and beer goggles. One thing you can control is looking sharp while you do your thang, and Tavik has you covered

tavik coachella

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Tavik is a music driven lifestyle apparel company, and your answer to any festive style conundrum. The Tavik team custom curated a guys and girls festival kit that includes swimwear, sunglasses, jammypack speakers, headwear, iPhone case and more. These guys are the authority on pool parties that parlay into all night ragers, just watch their 2011 highlight reel from Coachella.

Enter to win the Tavik Coachella survival fit here for him or for her. Ends 4/1/13. Earn 5 extra entries for every friend referred.

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New at SWELL: Richer Poorer Socks Fresh Brand + Win a Week's Worth of Socks

Fresh Brand + Fresher Socks.
Because fresh socks are the best kind of socks…unless of course, Richer Poorer socks are in the running, then those would be the best kind. So new Richer Poorer socks – that’s better than toasted buns at a weenie roast. They’re not the variety that appear in xmas socks…they’re better than that. Way better to be exact. So much better, in fact, that you’ll think twice about only rolling the one pant leg. Cray, cray – we know.
So go forth and celebrate your freedom of expression…through some polka dot socks.
Check it out: Richer Poorer Socks

Want to win a week’s worth of Richer Poorer Socks?
To Enter, visit the Richer Poorer brand page, pick out your top pair, then leave a comment with the style name in the comments below (or you can comment on our Facebook page HERE). Enter by midnight 3/7.
Winner will be announced here tomorrow.

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Surfing Power Couple: Danny Fuller & Tori Praver

He’s RVCA’s A-list surf advocate, she’s supermodel CEO of Tori Praver swimwear, and they’re surfing’s newest proud parents. On 2/28 the Hawaii natives had a baby girl Ryan, who’s genetics already make her Hawaiian Royalty. The once stone-faced pipeline charger Fuller has no problem expressing affection for his SI cover-girl, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing lots of baby Ryan on Instagram. CONGRATS! Follow the power couple @DannyFuller @ToriPraver

danny fuller tori praver

Along with his big wave accolades, Fuller has made a name for himself in photography and hi-fashion modeling. He honed those skills to design signature trunks with his mosaic photography and performance fit.

Prepare to have your stomach in your throat as he tests out his RVCA trunks at Cloudbreak last year.

Tori also know how to turns some heads at the beach. Shop her signature bikini line here

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Spring Catalog: Featuring Andy Davis

SWELL’s spring catalog is here, and nothing brings in spring like the dreamy drawings of Mr Andy Davis. The man behind the Ando&Friends brand now works exclusively with Billabong to create the carefree designs that says it all about the love of surfing.

See the Women’s catalog here
Sign up for a free subscription here

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See Ando’s Art Come To Life