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5 Tips for Guy’s Summer Style The Do's and Don'ts for Hitting the Beach Like a Local

With south swells marching up the coast, the warm waters of summer brings endless surf days to show off your favorite new SWELL beach clothes.

Here’s 5 fail-free tips to keep in mind when hitting the hot sand this summer.


DODONTSHADESThe Good: Contemporary frame designs like cat-eye, and acetate wayfarers are trending from Epokhe and RAEN
The Bad: Plastic poser brands stand out like a sore on your lip
The Ugly: Resting sunnies on your neck screams “i’m a jock!” and leaves goofy redneck stripe tan


The Good: New-school guys like Craike and Dion add flare with a surf tee or even a hula shirt
The Bad: Keep your style simple, matching is tolerable, but easy on the accessories
The Ugly:  In case of farmer tan, apply sunscreen to burn areas and leave pale spots exposed to catch up (sorry moms)


dodontwetsuitThe Good: Peddling in a wetsuit is ok, but NEVER wear with shoes, sunglasses, etc. Shop Racks
The Bad: Never jump the pier with your leash attached, especially longboarders
The Ugly: Publicly “credit-carding” aka board-to-groin, especially while wearing gloves, booties, shirt & wetty.


dodontbottleThe Good: The Fanning Reef Sandals emergency bottle opener makes you the life of the beach party
The Bad: Give the bottle a coutesy wipe in case you stepped in some tar…or worse
The Ugly: Chicks aren’t impressed toothless beer drinkers


The Good:
Taking “selfies” is not a crime while shredding with a GoPro
The Bad: Taking “selfies” anywhere else
The Ugly: Mounting GoPro’s on every possible surface, and fruit booting the boardwalk

Have your own beach fail? Leave it in the comments and tag #THESWELLLIVE on Instagram.

Check back for more of Spangler’s Fail-Free Summer Style Tips

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Roark’s Indo Inspired Giveaway

The adventure savvy surfers at Roark recently returned from a Bintang and Barrel filled trip to indo. From wave-hunting moped missions to pick-pocketing monkeys, the Bali High collection captures essential Indo artifacts.

Those Roarkians hand picked their best bush-whacking gear to give away today only for Win It Wednesday. Get the Chugs jacket and shorts, Barong (translation: machete) trunks and an Artifacts flasky. Enter, comment, and share for more chances to win here.

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The Nixon Gift Guide Uncommon Gifts for Dads and Grads.

Your Official Guide to Gifts for Dads and Grads is here.
If you’re looking for a gift that transitions seamlessly from the board to the boardroom, read on…



TOP GIFTS FOR DAD: Think timeless. Maybe even classic. But take a left turn at generic.
*The Nixon Sentry Leather Watch: This premium, all-black style says, “If I count all the way to three, you’re going to wish I hadn’t.”
*The Nixon Waterlock Bag: Equally suitable for a fullsuit or a file folder.
*The Nixon Rover Watch: This classic from Nixon’s Gunsmith Collection is a rugged expression of custom-built precision. In other words, Dad-approved.


TOP GIFTS FOR GRADS (GUYS): Goods, made to travel and travel in style…for the long road ahead.
*The Nixon Stylus Headphone: a folding headphone for comfort and travel.
*The Nixon Lodown Tide Watch: Is he planning a post-grad surf trip? Opt for a low profile tide watch, pre-programmed for over 200 beaches worldwide.
*The Nixon 51-30 Watch: serious take charge style. Large and in-charge.



TOP GIFTS FOR GRADS (GIRLS): Gifts for stylin’ and (Linkedin) profilin’.
*The Nixon Monopoly Watch: A timeless silhouette, in a la mode rose gold. She’ll be building on Boardwalk in no time.
*The Nixon Unit 40: New to the scene, the Unit 40 brings oversized style to the digital age.
*The Nixon Time Teller Acetate: a perfect piece for transitioning from work to play…in style.

Want more? Check out the full guide: Nixon Grads & Dads Gift Guide

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As Seen On: Hawaii 5-0


In last nights episode of Hawaii 5-0, the aloha loving Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly rocked the RVCA Fern & Burn Shirt in every scene. If you’re unfamiliar with the show, “Chin” is a local-boy cop with a shoot first mentality and an appetite for Kamekona’s shrimp truck.

Watch Hawaii 5-0 Mondays at 10 pm on CBS to see Chin’s weekly aloha shirt styles. Check out SWELL’s Aloha Friday Pinterest Board for dozens of fresh floral shirts, shorts, shoes and more.