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Fergie wears Hurley Shibuya tunic

The always ostentatious Fergie was recently spotted at LAX rocking Hurley’s tie-dye Shibuya top. True to form, her lady lumps were looking lovely. Click here to buy it now!

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ftm0101exp_lb_lg.jpg Factor 54

As part of our never ending quest to continuously bring you the best and brightest, may we proudly introduce: Factor 54. Keeping a steady eye on servicing the needs of “unchained youth,” F54 has come up from the underground with standout graphics and styles that link the streets to action sports lifestyles. See if you can get what they’re saying:

“Out of the abyss and into the fire, with all the fury of a hundred aped up saber-toothed cobras behind the wheel of a nitro-fueled fire chicken on a death race to nowhere, comes Factor 54. A doomsday chariot piloted by freaks and zombies with a penchant for not-so-niceties and the ability to blow your mind like a flame-kissed powder keg floating in a sea of gasoline. Pungent belches of neon and the searing spew of huh-whatness pepper the minds eye of today’s unchained youth and quell the conformity in the hunt for individuality. Like the green, sea-legged ewe trying to free itself from the hypnotic stranglehold gaze of the viper wolf, it’s resistance is futile, save for the secret weapon: the poisoned tip halftone honey-dipped brain arrows of “breath of fresh air”edness. Our frope cloaks are the stocked quiver that’ll make any sucker shiver.”

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hurley ramones joey ramone clothing

While the entire line is still trickling in, we finally received our first shipment of Hurley’s long awaited Ramones collection. Featuring a limited number of guys and girls tees, hoodies and accessories, the gear pays homage to the sights and sounds that surrounded the New York leather punks during their reign from 1974 – 1996. (On a side note, it may interest you to know that none of the founding members were actually related. Additionally, bassist Douglas Colvin, aka Dee Dee, was the first to use the name Ramone, after learning that Paul McCartney used the pseudonym Paul Ramon. Thanks Wiki!)

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sale surf boxers sale surf boxers

Living in fear of getting caught with your pants down? We’re here to help. Act now and you can get two pairs of our best selling boxers for only $25. You know what they say: Self love is the best kind of love.