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As Seen In: Seventeen Magazine


Above: Billabong Zazu Skirt, $39.50

You’ll trip over the bohemian chic style presented in Seventeen’s “Road Trip” feature. This take on surf style gives the beachy looks a new whimsical, playful,  70’s rock and roll edge. It’s a mélange of saturated colors, fringe, sun-drenched silhouettes, and breezy hemlines that takes you on an eccentric trip around the world in the Magical Mystery Tour Winnebago. Sending you far, far away (think into another realm) from the constraints of tradition, monotone style, gray, straight angles, and silence. “Road Trip” introduces you to a eclectic, beach-influenced style that was born skipping. Get inspired, foster you free-spirited style, and take a trip. Get it on Swell


Above: DC Shadow Dress; Roxy Betty Fedora, $26


Above: Hurley Electric Warrior Dress, $58; Insight Juniper Sphere Bikini Top, $37.50


Above: Reef Juna Dress, $48; Billabong Himalaya Bag, $49.50


Above: Billabong Supa Dupa Tank, $34; 


Above: Insight Comet Shorts, $45

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New Brands: GRN Apple Tree



Having been the leading online surf retailer for the past 9 years has given Swell some obvious advantages. Needless to say, our buyers have seen and heard it all. Especially when it comes to the marketing pitches from new and emerging brands. Below is our list of the 5  most commonly used branding catch phrases:

  1. We’re totally different because we fill the void the rest of the surf industry has ignored
  2. Not only is our company made up of core surfers, but we like music AND art!
  3. Our new graphic artist is amazing. He’s this young homeless kid who’s so talented and core, he doesn’t have a cell phone or email. In fact, we haven’t heard from him in weeks.
  4. Our marketing director once competed in a WQS semi-final. He knows everyone!
  5. Our message is all about unique self-expression and creative individualism. Did we tell you Costco just placed a huge order?

So imagine our surprise when we discovered GRN Apple Tree, an eight-year-old thriving company that not only features contemporary art and activism, but has also earned a large following without ANY branding or advertising. Their popularity has spread strictly by word-of-mouth exposure—the best kind of marketing money can’t buy.  Really, you haven’t seen anything like GRN Apple Tree. Honest!

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Swell Artist Series Tees: Koji Toyoda



If you haven’t yet heard about surf artist Koji Toyoda, you’re far from alone. However you’ve probably already seen his work, as he’s been a major force in the surf art world for the past several seasons. Having earned tremendous notoriety at last year’s international The Happening art, music and film festival, Koji has been deemed “the one to watch” within numerous influential art circles. Originally from Osaka, Japan, Koji began surfing as a young teen and developed a deep fascination with the variety of beach cultures and lifestyles. More recently, Koji has partnered with several surf brands who were eager to feature his clever blend of nostalgic surf whimsy and iconic Japanese imagery into their 2009 campaigns.

As a favorite and regularly featured artist at Laguna Beach’s The Surf Gallery, Swell was quick to see how well his creations would translate to a t-shirt. His two limited edition tees, Jogi Enjoy and Asahi are exclusive only to Swell.

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Donavon and His Orange Coat Represent for the Sidewalk Surfer

Walk in comfort. Check out 27 styles of Sanuk Sidewalk Surfers at Swell.