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Spring 2009’s Brightest Trends

Not every trend is created equal. Some fade with the seasons, and some have us wondering “what was I thinking?!” Others, regardless of their popularity, if containing the right amount of edge and figure-friendly lines, can last over the years.  We scavenged through this coming spring’s biggest trends and hand picked the best of the best. They’re the trends that almost anyone can rock; have distinct creative flair mixed with classic elements; and won’t have you looking back regretfully years later!



Feathers, fringe, and the untamed west: the staples of summer music festival kits, southwestern fairs, and Mojave nights combine to create a free-spirited, throwback look that will flood the scene this spring. 

Our favorite native prints (pictured above from left):
Ezekiel Warchild Tee worn with Roxy Betty Fedora and Billabong Himalaya Tote
Hurley Sedona Hoodie paired with Rip Curl Miami Stripe Bikini
Reef Juna Dress
Hurley Haydon Skirt is worn with Element Future Nature Tee and O’Neill Jade Shoe




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Boardshorts For The Next Generation


 Systematic, hydromatic, ultramatic… why, these boardshorts could be grease lightning!

In this modern age of high performance everything, it was only a matter of time before the term could be applied to surf trunks. Mind you, your average beach tourist won’t know and won’t care. All they’ll see are the flashy prints and think, “Dang, those sure will look sweet with my Teva’s!” But to the dedicated surfer who wants every session to be all-time, progressive technology is a necessity. And it all comes down to which boardshort offers the most strength and stretch. You’ll hear words like, hyperstretch, psychostretch, flex appeal, and learn more than you ever wanted to about Lycra. Within the last few years a handful of brands have even been able to incorporate top quality recycled materials, simultaneously allowing you to give Mother Nature a high-five while shredding her apart.

If it sounds like boardshorts on steroids, you wouldn’t be far off. Our selection of performance enhanced trunks were designed to give you more bang for your buck. Including Rip Curl’s WLP Next Strikeline, the signature series from 2007 ASP World Champion and 2009 title contender, Mick Fanning. Now in it’s third season, Mick’s boardshort was one of the pioneering models that launched the revolution.

But at the end of the day, whether you’re a veteran or just starting out, it’s pretty cool to think about all hot action you’re now getting in your shorts.

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Fresh from the furry-lipped musician Donavon Frankenreiter, comes a collection of free-spirited, surf and ocean-inspired gear. The line is a reflection of his melodic tunes and soulful surfing style. “The collection embraces my surfing philosophy and the musical side of my life and everything that surrounds it,” says Donavon. “It’s a reflection of my life over the past 15 years.” If you like Donavon’s earthy vibrations and retro style, you’ll dig his harmonious collaboration with Billabong.

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Get The Look: Rachel Bilson


What’s not to love about the shirt dress? Sounds like the most comfortable outfit in the entire universe to me—and Rachel Bilson’s take on the trend is adorably chic.  During the past few years the shirt dress has become an essential for spring and summer. The look is fun and casual, and invites creativity. With a few key accessory changes, you can effortlessly go from day to night. Simply put: You must have this dress for spring 09.