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March 30th, 2009 | By | 3,936 Comments

RVCA’s In Da’ White House!



Further proving he’s cool like that, President Obama invited RVCA founder and CEO PM “Pat” Tenore and several other small business owners to the White House this month to discuss strategies aimed toward helping small businesses. Pat was gracious enough to provide an in depth rundown of his visit, including President Obama’s strong interest in Kelly Slater’s tour standings after the recent Australian contests. (more…)

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March 27th, 2009 | By | 5,239 Comments

New Talent: Modern Amusement


Born out of an idea, and living on a “creative collective” dream, Modern Amusement brings a fresh taste of luxury, modern streetwear that fuses sumptuous fabrics with modern design. Modern Amusement is “the California Dream, inspired by international art, music, technology and design. An eclectic collection that references a privileged lifestyle, growing up on the sun-drenched shores from Laguna to Malibu. Distinguished by our attention to ironic detail, sophisticated ease, whimsical nature, graphic energy and a sense of humor.”  See Modern Amusement’s effortlessly creative and alluring collection at here


March 26th, 2009 | By | 150 Comments

Spring Trend You’ll Trip On: Acid Wash


You’ll trip when you see the throwback acid wash looks that have recently been spotted outside of 80’s rock videos. Following the return of the grunge trend, your middle school acid wash shirts and jeans now have an in with the popular kids. Yesch! = #)

Making a clean transition into your plaid-filled closet, the acid wash look adds some authentic Lisa Turtle flavor to this season’s fringed bags, neon shirts, and destroyed denim. And we’ve only just begun with this look; come this summer, the acid hits will have our nostalgic little hearts filled to the brim, so be the first to trip on this killer throwback style.

Featured Styles:
Swell Acid Wash Tee
Alpine Stars La Brea Tank

March 25th, 2009 | By | 3,917 Comments

New Talent: Honey


Ah, spring is in the air. No wait, now it’s all over your dress. New at Swell, Honey brings an earthy aesthetic, with airy fabrics, sweet trims and playful shapes that embodies everything we love about spring. All about the ocean and Earth, Honey’s style shows us a sweeter side of life. See what all of the buzz is about. Honey.