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5 Tips for Guy’s Summer Style The Do's and Don'ts for Hitting the Beach Like a Local

With south swells marching up the coast, the warm waters of summer brings endless surf days to show off your favorite new SWELL beach clothes.

Here’s 5 fail-free tips to keep in mind when hitting the hot sand this summer.


DODONTSHADESThe Good: Contemporary frame designs like cat-eye, and acetate wayfarers are trending from Epokhe and RAEN
The Bad: Plastic poser brands stand out like a sore on your lip
The Ugly: Resting sunnies on your neck screams “i’m a jock!” and leaves goofy redneck stripe tan


The Good: New-school guys like Craike and Dion add flare with a surf tee or even a hula shirt
The Bad: Keep your style simple, matching is tolerable, but easy on the accessories
The Ugly:  In case of farmer tan, apply sunscreen to burn areas and leave pale spots exposed to catch up (sorry moms)


dodontwetsuitThe Good: Peddling in a wetsuit is ok, but NEVER wear with shoes, sunglasses, etc. Shop Racks
The Bad: Never jump the pier with your leash attached, especially longboarders
The Ugly: Publicly “credit-carding” aka board-to-groin, especially while wearing gloves, booties, shirt & wetty.


dodontbottleThe Good: The Fanning Reef Sandals emergency bottle opener makes you the life of the beach party
The Bad: Give the bottle a coutesy wipe in case you stepped in some tar…or worse
The Ugly: Chicks aren’t impressed toothless beer drinkers


The Good:
Taking “selfies” is not a crime while shredding with a GoPro
The Bad: Taking “selfies” anywhere else
The Ugly: Mounting GoPro’s on every possible surface, and fruit booting the boardwalk

Have your own beach fail? Leave it in the comments and tag #THESWELLLIVE on Instagram.

Check back for more of Spangler’s Fail-Free Summer Style Tips

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SWELL & Catchsurf Invade Salt Creek


What better way to kick of summer than a celebratory soft-top session at Salt Creek Beach? So the SWELL crew called up Johnny at CatchSurf, we grabbed the best of our patriotic apparel, and charged down to take over the peak during a pumping south swell.

Click the pics to get the gear, meet the SWELL team and learn the tricks of a proper party wave.


See the whole CatchSurf Quiver




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Roark’s Indo Inspired Giveaway

The adventure savvy surfers at Roark recently returned from a Bintang and Barrel filled trip to indo. From wave-hunting moped missions to pick-pocketing monkeys, the Bali High collection captures essential Indo artifacts.

Those Roarkians hand picked their best bush-whacking gear to give away today only for Win It Wednesday. Get the Chugs jacket and shorts, Barong (translation: machete) trunks and an Artifacts flasky. Enter, comment, and share for more chances to win here.

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The Nixon Gift Guide Uncommon Gifts for Dads and Grads.

Your Official Guide to Gifts for Dads and Grads is here.
If you’re looking for a gift that transitions seamlessly from the board to the boardroom, read on…



TOP GIFTS FOR DAD: Think timeless. Maybe even classic. But take a left turn at generic.
*The Nixon Sentry Leather Watch: This premium, all-black style says, “If I count all the way to three, you’re going to wish I hadn’t.”
*The Nixon Waterlock Bag: Equally suitable for a fullsuit or a file folder.
*The Nixon Rover Watch: This classic from Nixon’s Gunsmith Collection is a rugged expression of custom-built precision. In other words, Dad-approved.


TOP GIFTS FOR GRADS (GUYS): Goods, made to travel and travel in style…for the long road ahead.
*The Nixon Stylus Headphone: a folding headphone for comfort and travel.
*The Nixon Lodown Tide Watch: Is he planning a post-grad surf trip? Opt for a low profile tide watch, pre-programmed for over 200 beaches worldwide.
*The Nixon 51-30 Watch: serious take charge style. Large and in-charge.



TOP GIFTS FOR GRADS (GIRLS): Gifts for stylin’ and (Linkedin) profilin’.
*The Nixon Monopoly Watch: A timeless silhouette, in a la mode rose gold. She’ll be building on Boardwalk in no time.
*The Nixon Unit 40: New to the scene, the Unit 40 brings oversized style to the digital age.
*The Nixon Time Teller Acetate: a perfect piece for transitioning from work to play…in style.

Want more? Check out the full guide: Nixon Grads & Dads Gift Guide