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Alright already, we get it. You’re a unique spirit with a sensitive soul. You treasure your individuality. You crave new ways of self expression. You have a notebook full of love poems written in your own blood. And OMG you get a THO over anything that’s DIY. Which is why we know you’ll love this clip from Kat Von D, explaining how to cut-up your t-shirts to show off your rockin’ bod.

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The boys from Atwater recently finished production on their new boardshort commercial. More power to ’em. But aside from the surf and the girl-on-girl water fight, the featured song is what really peaked our interest. You gotta love a band with that much self-deprecation.

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Bermuda shorts? Seen it. Trapeze tops? Done it. Babydolls? Over it. But just when we were about to slit our wrists over played-out styles for spring, along came something that (literally) tripped us up. All hail to the long and lovely maxi dress that’s getting everyone on their feet. Very becoming in floral and extra sexy as a halter, this stunning miracle worker actually adds inches to your height while slimming your silhouette (ha, ha hoodia, who needs you now?). Throw it on with a cardigan, some big shades, hoops or even a wide-brim sun hat, you really can’t get it wrong. Great for work, a day at the races, mall shopping, or long plane rides, it’s the perfect excuse to burn your Juicy sweatsuits once and for all.


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Their philosophy is simple: For every pair of shoes purchased, a pair will be given to a child in need. Not exactly your typical business formula for success, but that suits Blake Mycoskie, founder of Toms Shoes, just fine. While visiting a remote Argentine fishing village in 2006, Blake was struck by the amount of children with cuts and sores on their feet, unable to afford the most basic of shoes. Having already taken a strong liking to the traditional footwear worn by local farmers, the lightweight and durable alpargatas, Blake had an epiphany of sorts and vowed to create a shoe company that for every pair sold, a pair would be given to a child in the village. Flash forward to 2008. Millions of units have been sold by over 300 stores and retail chains worldwide, with “shoe drops” now expanding into Africa and Asia. “I always thought I’d spend the first half of my life making money and the second half giving it away,” says Blake. “I never thought I could do both at the same time.” Click here to view Swell’s entire line of Toms Shoes.