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Final score: Swell – 10, 384, 222. Everyone else: 0.

This week’s launch of our new Surf Gallery series tees marks yet another monumentous occasion, proving Swell is indeed the world’s premier surf shop. (I think we’ve been saying that since day 1, but now we say it with a lot more conviction.) Partnering with the famed Surf Gallery in Laguna Beach, we’re featuring the works of some of their most prolific artists on limited runs of highly sought after t-shirts. Renowned artists include: Harry Daily, Koji Toyoda, Julie Goldstein and Scott Richards.

In the upcoming weeks we’ll be profiling each artist, but I’d like to start with Harry Daily—being that I still owe him $30 for two signed posters I stole from him 12 years ago. (more…)

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You know guys, Nair isn’t just for the ladies anymore. They make a great man-scaping product for the shoulders and back that will give you the confidence to pull off the big tank trend headed for spring/summer ’09. If you hadn’t heard, wifebeaters have taken a back seat to the retro stylings of the Beach Boys tank. Made to be worn loose and easy, you’ll soon know why it’s a fav of your dad, Magnum and Dog The Bounty Hunter. Featured above is the Troy tank from The Ryde, who is slated to be the supreme leader in the sleeveless look. We suggest pairing it with Quik’s 18.5″ Zephyr cord walkshorts for a leathal early ’80s vibe that gives your fans front row tickets to the gun show.

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We should start with a word of warning: Before launching this video you should be sitting down and not planning to operate any heavy equipment for a while. What you’re about to view is a behind-the-scenes look at Hurley’s Fall 2009 photo shoot with Bar Rafaeli. As the number one downloaded video on MySpace last week, the clip went viral with 84,000 views in its first day. I’m pretty sure Bar gives a brief interview or says something, but I can’t recall because each time I’ve watched it I’ve been struck stupid with her wanton ways. Is it weird for a straight girl to call another girl a sex kitten? It probably is, but that’s the best definition I have for her. Hands down the hottest model-muse ever featured by a core surf brand, Bar’s campaign is sure to go down as the most successful in action sports’ history. We just hope the competition gets going with some fierce copy-cat action. (Check out Bar’s Windchester Coat and Low Rider jeans.)

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It’s the magic equation of the growth of the stache, a return to grunge rock and a the whole fixed gear bike gang takeover that spurred the rebirth the flannel, crewneck sweatshirt, greasy hair look. To be honest, I couldn’t be happier. It’s like Kurt Cobain’s thousands of illegitimate spawn came out of the Northwest, grew mustaches, then gave birth to the Black Keys. It’s the look that inspires the “cool guy?” or “homeless?” game. It’s like being in the sweaty mess of the front row of a concert with double headliners Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains, and then the special guest turns out to be Nirvana. It’s the return of the working class look. And thanks to the ladies’ love for filthy rockers and the Hoff’s advocation of man hair, the look trickled down from the flannel-loving Northwest to infiltrate the southern states with a mess of PBR cans, plain tees and grunge cardigans. The culprit of this style leak is still at large, combing his mustache, hiding behind his stringy locks. If you see him, give him a big hug from me, but bathe immediately after.


above, (sittin’ pretty next to Dan Auerbach) clockwise from top left: Insight Pervert Flannel;Billabong Keepers FlannelRip Curl Regulator Jean


above, clockwise from top left: Swell Tri-blend Tee 3-pack; RVCA Victory Sweater II; Vans 106 Vulcanized Shoe