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3 Reasons to You Need the “Forget Me Not” At The Moment, It's The World's Best Board. Here's Why

Parko, Owen, Dusty, Julian, Ace and Jeremy all surfed tricky Teahupo’o riding a pin-tail “Forget Me Not” Model by JS.  SWELL is a lucky stockist of this magic surfboard, and the legend keeps growing for reasons why you should add one to your quiver. Check it out in the SWELL Board Room.

1. Jeremy Flores Upsets Gabriel Media // Wins Billabong Pro Tahiti

Jeremy worked super hard coming back from a serious head injury his hard work has paid off. Jeremy surfed some super tough heats taking down Joel Parkinson, Kelly Slater, C J Hobgood and then an inform Gabriel Medina in the final. (more…)

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Who is “Grapes the Cat”? SWELL's newest surf brand and the boys who brought this life saver to life

Grapes the Cat involves a mysterious tail of the world’s best surfers and sharing the shenanigans they reaped around the world. Let’s just say keeping your phone charged was a clutch move when adding to the tale of that scapegoat named Grapes. So clearly this new style of portable usb phone charger is a necessity for any restless savage wandering the world and documenting scandalous mayhem.

Join the Ranks of Team Grapes:
Mick Fanning, Luke Rockhold, Atiba Jefferson, Owen Wright, Jefferson Atiba, Luke Davis, Corey Wilson, Balaram Stack, Evan Geiselman, Scott Wilson, Matt Finelli, Grady Brannan, Miles Kirchner, Tyler Hendley, Ian Crane, Ryan Perrings, Oliver Kurtz, Koa Rothman, Mark Powell, Yadin Nicol, Koa Smith, Alex Smith, and (more…)

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Julian Wilson | Pro Model Beater Session J-Dub Pulls Some Fins-Free R&D on his Aussie Clad Shred Stick

Here’s a free lesson in fins free wave jibbin from team rider and World Tour Veteran Julian Wilson. Get wet with Catchsurf gear up at SWELL


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Surf Cinema | No Cambio Nate Zoller of Roark Tackles Mexican Slabs and Recaps a Year Circling the Globe

A couple years ago Nate Zoller walked away from SWELL as our cheekiest wordsmith, and started continent hopping in search of slabby sanctuaries and a man named Roark. His Latest trip south of the border paid off with perfect Puerto, whilst road testing the latest adventure-ready gear available on SWELL. Enjoy this corto pero dulce film his brother Isaac made.

The living Laguna Beach legend just cruised back into town and recapped with Brandy Faber about his wanderlust

You’ve hit the road pretty hard this last year, where have your travels taken you?
NZ: In the past year I’ve been to Baja numerous times, Bali, Mainland Mexico, Nepal, Senegal, Tavarua, Vietnam and all over California.

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