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June 17th, 2009 | By | 1,285 Comments

The Top Ten Swimsuits for Surfing



Here at Swell, we like to put safety first, and that includes protecting your dignity. While Carissa Moore might not be afraid to get some daring tan lines in the line-up, most of us would rather have a swimsuit that leaves the nip slips to the pros in Hollywood. So as a treat to you, we test drove summer’s cutest swimwear and hand picked the top ten that stayed on top while frolicking in the shore break. Click on the break to see the summer’s top ten stay-put suits!


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June 15th, 2009 | By | 783 Comments

Get Well(en) Soon!


Able to stop ice cream trucks with a single lift of a pinky tow. Always colors in the lines, and only needs to look one way before crossing the street. It’s the new crop of youth-inspired art tees from Wellen. Ocean-driven designs that so sick, looking sweet is like taking candy from a baby (Swell does not advise taking candy from strangers- stranger danger). Check out the new slew of Wellen tees at Swell.

June 12th, 2009 | By | 2,437 Comments

Get Some: As Seen in Maxim, July


Now that we’ve captured your attention (with a scantily clad, yet sensibly dressed for the elements lady) we want to style you out with something that will shift some attention to you. This month Maxim caught on to two eye-catching up-and-coming brands: Ambission (Ambsn) and the Ryde. Both brands offer up some killer graphic tees that are far from the norm. According to Maxim’s cheesey center, “with the right stuff, you can make this summer an endless one.” Maxim said it, so it must be true. 


Featured beach gear:

Ambsn Greg Henley

The Ryde Drag Tee

June 11th, 2009 | By | 3,348 Comments

Best Beach Cover-Ups, Exposed

Some situations are made for flaunting it in your new animal print bikini, but others (say, when you’re diving head first into a California burrito with a side of beer) call for a little more creativity to stay cool while still looking hot. That’s where a breezy beach cover-up comes in. Although there’s no doubt you’d have an easier time flagging down the ice cream man sans-pants, you have to remember that not everyone can pull off the Pam Anderson slow run with as much class as the original. So keep it classy, keep it breezy, and keep your skin from getting fried from an entire day of soaking up the sun. Keep a cute cover-up handy and look chic on the commute to and from the sand. Our top three favorites this summer:


1. Lightweight, long maxi dresses that keep the sun off without sacrificing style.

Must have styles (from left):

Billabong Isla Dress
Roxy Best Match Dress
Billabong Olivia Dress