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Photo Tip of the Week: Shawn Parkin Follow The Light Winner Talks About Getting Weird With Zoom Lenses



Dane Reynolds, Lower Trestles. Lens: 50mm

“For many photographers, including myself, zoom lenses allow us to achieve greater focal range, at a relatively low cost. Good glass doesn’t come cheap, so many photographers need to stretch their lens budget by buying zoom lenses. There’s nothing wrong with that. But the ability to zoom can sometimes lead to stale perspectives. It’s far too easy to sit in one spot, zoom in to get a tight shot, and then zoom out to get a wide shot. But far more important that moving your zoom ring, is moving your feet. These photographs of Jason Arnold (below) and Dane Reynolds (above) were shot with the same lens (50mm fixed), on the same day. Two completely different perspectives, achieved by moving closer, and farther away from the subject.” -Shawn Parkin

Try this:
-Grab a prime (fixed focal length) lens for a session, or if you don’t have access to one, then use your zoom lens, but keep it fixed on one focal length. This will force you to move your position.

-To get a wide shot, you’ll have to move back. To get a tight shot, you’ll have to move in close. This will change the perspective in your photographs, and when done right, will help to create more interesting angles.

-Keep in mind that moving around to find different angles doesn’t always mean standing on your feet. Lay down on the ground. Climb a tree. Get weird.


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Road Tripping: Baja or Bust Volume 1: The Complete Guide to Cheap Weekend Trips with Your Friends

Road trips are a right of passage for anyone who anyone who calls themselves “adventurous” and the travel junkies at SWELL are eager to share their secrets to scoring that all-time trip. The fist stop of the series follows  the SWELL crew south of the border to Rosarito during that big south swell in June.


The inbound Tijuana border crossing just got a complete face-lift, redirecting traffic away from the formerly collision prone turn that steered rookie travelers into the belly of barrio. Rumor has it that TJ is cleaning up the border corruption and violence to make a bid for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games.


Border Tips
-Cross During Daylight Hours
-Stay in the right lanes to reach the coast. Stick to the Toll Road
-To avoid car emptying searches at drug checkpoints, slip the federale a nudie magazine


Guys can basically wear one outfit the whole weekend


Surviving In Style
Dakine Backpack -If it doesn’t all fit in 1 bag, you don’t need it. Wet/dry, laptop, more…
Hybrid shorts -For hitting the lip, or hitting the town. Stay classy my friend.
SurfTop -Don’t get barred by burns & rashes. Billabong makes em for marathon sessions
Xcel Dipped Booties -The reefs of north baja are littered with urchins, they suck.
Kanu Locking Tiedowns -Most crime in Mex is petty theft, and board banditos will burn you.
Tide Watch -The tide swings drastically further south.  Get dialed into any beach with Nixon

Other Essentials: GoPro, Swim Fins, Sunscreen, VonZipper Shades, Wax, Trucker Hat

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DIY: Succulent Frame

In need of a last-minute Father’s Day gift? Lucky for you, you little procrastinating spawn, you, this DIY is heavier on the planting than the planning. Wood, dirt, and of course, love, go into this succulent frame, so guaranteed he’ll dig it. Maybe it’ll even make up for the time you diluted his scotch bottle with water. Maybe. You’ll need about an hour (plus time to gather some succulents – from your own yard of course). Think you’re not the hammer-wielding type? Remember what dad said, “You can do anything if you try.” So take his advice, put down the phone, and make him something he’d be proud of.
Read on for the step by step instructions… (more…)

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Fit Guide: Summer Sunglasses

Summer has started and its time to pick out the best frames to fit your face. SWELL’s summer intern Jodie analyzes all the styles our customers have been picking to compliment their features.




Heart-Shaped Facial Structures

-Wide forehead
-Wide Cheekbones
-Narrow chin

People with a Heart-shaped face should look for sunglasses with lenses that draw attention downwards. These lenses will add width to your chin and lower part of your face. Cat-eye sunglasses or glasses with rounded edges will look best for this face type.

Avoid: glasses with ornamental temples and top-heavy styles. By doing this, you won’t highlight the broad upper face.



Recommended  Styles:

vz heart

filtrate heart

smith heart