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The Beater is Back and Ready for Summer!

Beaters are back and better than ever! After being out of stock for nearly 6 months the guys at Catch Surf just unleashed their best boards yet with updated colors, an unbelievable strong new stringer system, and now a new twin fin option. These boards will transform your average day at the beach into an epic tale of radness. Check out the fresh new Beater models here or grab yourself one of their super soft tees here at SWELL.

2012 Catch Surf Beaters

Never heard of a Beater?

The Beater is the ultimate, all-purpose shred stick perfect for groms, geezers and anyone in between. You can surf them, skim them, ride them like a boogie board, or even tow them behind a boat. This is a necessary tool to everyone’s quiver, no matter what your skill level or riding preference!

These custom shaped, foam boards were originally created to beat the dreaded summertime black ball zones in Southern California. When summer would hit and the Southern Hemi would chun out its typical, long period south swells, many surfers were left on the shore frothing and unable to surf some of the area’s best breaks. That’s when the masterminds at Catch Surf put their heads together to produce the world’s most versatile and shred-worthy foam board: The Beater. Now, many south swells and countless sessions later, the Catch Surf crew and team riders have perfected their most durable and high-performance boards yet with the new 2012 models.

2012 Beaters: Best Beaters Yet!

A big update to the 2012 Beaters is the inner maple-ply, dual stringer system. This ingenious design gives the boards an unmatched level of stiffness for greater durability and added performance.

Here Beater madman Johnny Redmond highlights both advantages of the enhanced stringer system in the new 2012 boards.

Twin Fin Model: New to the Lineup

Twin Fin Catch Surf Beater

Now the beater is available in a twin fin option perfect surfers a little less comfortable riding a single fin and wanting a bit more hold than a finless board. With the Twin Fin Model you can draw out your bottom turns and shred your local beachie like never before!

Want to upgrade your board? You can always get your self a couple of Beater Fin Kits and customize the fin set up to your liking.

Make sure to check out the other great Catch Surf Accessories including the Beater board bag, tees, and even Catch Surf’s very own body boards and fins. These boards are on every little gremmies xmas list this year so make sure to grab one before they sell out!

Remember folks, when the black ball’s got you down JUST BEAT IT!

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Penny Skateboards – New at SWELL

SWELL proudly welcomes Penny Skateboards Australia to our shop. Penny’s plastic molded retro shapes became an instant cultural phenomenon in Australia during 2010, and they are now available in the USA. These compact, durable skates give a super smooth ride, and priced 20% lower than competing brands. The original Penny boards are super small and

Penny offers radical retro color in their decks, wheels, and trucks. The flouro combos come in variety of colors including  glow in the dark decks and a theme for every holiday.
See how much fun you are missing out on with PENNY in this coastal cruising commercial

If you thinks its all a gimmick, here’s a few reasons why we are sold on the Penny style.

Why Plastic? The durable flexible nature of the plastic injection-molded decks allows a responsive ride that basically conforms to the shape of your foot. The camber, or slight arch in the deck creates a “pop” that allows ollies and momentum building carves.

The whole negative plastic stigma only applies to single-use plastics. The durable Penny decks outlast traditional wood decks and even survived the tire test.

Why Retro? Every skater must respect the roots of the sport, because old-school skates will improve your style and balance. The narrower decks allow your feet to grip the rails and throw filthy lay-backs and spins. The griptape-free deck is even better for cruisers who prefer to pump down the boardwalk barefoot and hang-ten.

Its the perfect skate to fit in your backpack, buzz down to Trestles without worrying about tiny skate wheels hitting the skids on some gravel or sand.

Instagram Penny regularly celebrates and rewards skaters with style. Post a unique inspiring and artsy instagram, including #Pennysinceforever for your chance to win a penny skates and shirts this March. Tag us @swelldotcom and we’ll give you some props on your stylish skate as well!

Penny Skateboards Instagram

Click the banner to see SWELL’s new line of Penny Products

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How To Make a Surfboard

Take a one-minute tour of SUPERbrand’s Coolangatta (Australia) offices to see how a board is made…

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Travis Rice Joins Team Contour

Travis Rice, backcountry powderhound and winner of just about every prestigious boarding accolade including 2 XGames gold medals, is now part of the Contour Team!

After searching for the best, most low profile point-of-view camera, Rice chose to represent Contour, “Out of pure necessity.” He added, “Seeking out the best image in the category and a sleek profile just makes more sense. With a new arsenal of attachments, getting one-of-a-kind footage is only limited by your creativity. I am proud to be a part of the future of Contour!”


– The Art of Flight

As the most slender camera on the market, the Contour cams are perfect for snowboarding and skiing among other action sports. The Water resistant design lets you ditch the need for a housing and helps reduce extra bulk when riding. This makes the camera more aerodynamic that when mounted to your helmet and ensures truly one of a kind POV footage.

The GPS camera also adds a new layer to your filming experience by tracking location, altitude, and speed. This feature is especially awesome for charting your performance down the side of a mountain.

We’re all excited to see what type of amazing footage Travis Rice will capture and will keep you posted on the new and noteworthy clips as they arrive. For those of you wanting to see some of Rice’s downhill mastery, make sure to check out the Art of Flight (preview above).