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Carver Skateboards – The Ultimate Surf Training Tool

Looking for a new type of cross training to improve your surfing? Check out Carver skateboards, now available at SWELL. These specialized surf skates feature a swiveling front truck equipped with an embedded spring system to propel the board forward when it’s pumped like a surfboard.

The power is in the patented, swiveling front truck!

What you get is a new type of riding that truely mimicks down the line surfing and helps keep your legs fit while you are out of the water. With the Carver boards you will stay in shape and improve your surfing even when away from the coast or during an extended dry spell.

Team rider Laird Hamilton cross trains on his Carver skate

Created by surfers for surfers, this board will turn a parking lot or driveway into your very own standing wave and is a must have for everyone’s quiver. You’ll be able to pump this board uphills or even get it going from a dead stop. This is not a skateboard, this is The Ultimate Surf Training Tool.

Grab yourself a Carver skateboard here and get ready to Surf your Skate!

Check out the video below to see the board in action:

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Functional Trunks -Autonomous

It’s a new year, so you need new gear to stay active and hit those exercise goals. Face it, you spend 90% more trunk time on the turf than in the surf, so why not wear a trunk designed to excel in any sport? Autonomous solved this age old issue by partnering up with Olympic athletes and local surfers to develop more versatile gear.

We caught Autonomous founder and Manhattan Beach Volleyball champ Aaron Wachtfogel, on his daily cross-training regimen around the South Bay to get the latest on his fast growing brand.

Swell: Hey Aaron, everyone wants to know, What’s the secret to the flexi-perfection behind those comfy trunks?
Aaron: Its called autoFlex fabric, a breathable, flexible material that’s built to last and even dries fast. Auto-flex also allows some water to pass through, preventing the dreaded ballooning you get in traditional trunks.

Swell: Tell us about the heavy hitting (PUN Intended) Olympians we’ve seen in Autonomous.
Aaron:That’s right, Gold Medalists Todd Rogers and Phil Dahausser won a recent tournament wearing the Autonomous Original and AVP Champion Matt Olson won gold in our Lion tee and So Solid trucker

Swell: Before we let you get back to the grind, is there anything else happening this Spring?
Aaron: Thanks, we’re always helping support the prostate cancer foundation, and just so stoked to see our spring line getting waves in the surf, victories on the court, hikes on the trail, and sweat in the gym.

In case you haven’t heard of them Autonomous was born on the in Hermosa Beach Ca, where volleyball, surf, and style runs the town. They’ve become a favorite brand of SWELL over the last year for their versatile active-wear that our customers love. See the whole line here

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Win It Wednesday: Captain Fin Company

This week’s Win it Wednesday is brought to you by Captain Fin Company. They packaged their finest fins and gear worth over $150 Bucks

The Dane Reynold fin is probably set to win “fin of the year”, and it even has signature Summer Teeth deign. Then you’ve got a captains hat, shirt, patches, and their latest surf movie. Be Cool Man features Dane, Andrew Doheny, and their whole team master shredders.

Get an extra 5 entries in the contest for every friend you refer to the contest. So sign up every Wednesday on the “win it” tab at before someone snags this gift basket worthy of the surf gods.

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The SWELL Guide: Gifts for Guys Edition

You already bought him a cordless drill, a universal remote, and a shaving kit…now what?. They rarely ask for new clothes, don’t like to shop, and contently dress in the same outfit/style they’ve worn since high school. So instead of coercing them into a full wardrobe overhaul, follow the SWELL gift guide to upgrade his look with these subtly awesome looks.

1. Casual is king, especially during holidays at home. Anything lined in the popular sherpa faux-fur is perfect for lounging around the neighborhood, watching groms play with their new wheels. Or great to throw on for that frosty dawn surf-check. Swell carries dozens of these toasty threads that he’s sure to put on before unwrapping the next present. See Swell’s sherpa selections here

2. Inspired by true watermen, surfing icons, and pioneers of the sport, Quiksilver’s Waterman Collection brings back the inherent quality of classics. If your man prefers skinny jeans and bling, this isn’t the ticket. This gear embodies the outdoor spirit with new-school function and comfort. Just tell him that Tom Carroll, Peter Mel, and Mark Healy developed this line while exploring the rugged Pacific North West.

3. You can’t fail with surf videos. Every guy still has that teenage nostalgia to get his stoke fix and mind-surf, letting out the occasional terrets-like outbursts. This works especially well for the lady trying to get her man off the couch and into a healthier body-mass index. Just look in the garage to see what kind of board he has, then peruse the video previews of SWELL’s dvd page to see which one fits his style. Still not sure, take a tip from Morgan, SWELL’s gear guru for his top 5 dvd picks here.

4. Lastly, a simple accessory is appropriate for any friend, husband, or partner. A stylish leather Nixon belt can hide that tattered waistband on his favorite pants. Or, upgrade your favorite nephew from a velcro wallet, to a real deal leather pocket book. SWELL has 100s of socks, boxers, shades, hats, and more, so get your stocking stuffers and more before its too late at SWELL.