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Coachella Lineup Coundown: Cloud Nothings

Why is Pitchfork’s “Best New Music” of 2012 on the fine print of the last day of Coachella ? Maybe, they’re trying to keep people from leaving…. either way Dylan Baldi doesn’t care.

cloud nothings coachella

Genres: Indie Rock, Neo Grunge, Post Hardcore, Lo-fi Frenetic, Noise Rock

Fast Facts: Dylan Baldi was only 18 when he started Cloud Nothings
-Baldi dropped out of college to play his first big show in 2009
-Cloud Nothings almost went by the name “Crazy Dorm Stories”
-Attack on Memory album was named to make people forget about the band’s previous sound
-Most of the band skates
-Baldi played piano in the school band

First album: “Turning On” every instrument recorded by frontman Dylan Baldi in his parent’s basement in Westlake, OH

Third album: “Attack On Memory,” was released in January 2012. It was the first album in 2012 to receive “Best New Music” status on

Self Proclaimed: “I made huge lists of fake band names. When I was trying to decide on names for the Myspace pages, I was like, Oh, how about that one? That’s how Cloud Nothings came about. I wrote it down years ago. I don’t know why.”

Members: Dylan Baldi -lead singer and guitar
Joe Boyer -guitar
TJ Duke -Bass
Jayson Gerycz -drums

Also Seen Playing: FYF Fest, SXSW Fest, Velvet Jones SB Apr 15, His Parents Basement


Like their straight forward sounds, they tour and perform in all simply essential apparel.
Solid Tees, Plaid Shirts, Vans Shoes, Beanies, Denim
cloud nothings style

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Coachella Lineup Countdown: Beach House

Looking for an escape from dubstep and confetti cannons at Coachella? Then Beach House will deliver your indie fix with tons of street cred.beachhead

Genre: Dream Pop
Motherland: Balitmore, MD
Band Members:
French-born Victoria Legrand
Baltimore native Alex Scally
Latest album: “Bloom” Released May 15th, 2012
Random facts: This is a boy-girl duo, not a romantic couple.
-Their debut album they finished recording in just 2 days without a record label.
-Alex Scally never played the guitar until Beach House was formed.
-Their second album “Teen Dream” was recorded in a converted church in upstate New York.
-Victoria Legrand sang in a Led Zeppelin cover band in high school.
Must Hear Track: Myth

Reason to see live: The perfect sync of Victoria’s dreamy voice and droning keyboard tied in with the all-around radiant sounds of Alex’s soothing chord tones and nimble slide-guitar riffs
Beach House Facebook Fans: 340K
Also Heard In: Volkswagen commercial that ripped off their track “Take Care”
Self Proclaimed: “We’re having technical difficulties with too much MDMA, we’re gunna start the song over” Victoria Legrand at Glastonbury 2010
Playing Coachella: Friday, April 19th 
Style: Striped Tees, Combat boots, White pants

beach house band

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Coachella Lineup Countdown: Tame Impala

The band that will come out of nowhere and blow your mind at Coachella is….Tame Impala
Genres: Psychedelic rock, neo-psychedelia, dream pop, space rock
Motherland: Perth, Australia
Latest album: Lonerism released October 8th 2012 in the US
Rando fact: Tame Impala only played 2 shows in the US in 2012
Reason to see live: Endless mind-melting guitar riffs
#TameImpala Tags: 12717 instagrams
Also Heard In: SWELL’s free diving gopro video
Self Proclaimed: “We’re a buncha imbeciles”
Must-hear Track: Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

Band members
Kevin Parker: vocals, guitar & kazoo
Dominic Simper:guitar & synth
Julien Barbagallo: drums & backing vocals
Jay Watson: synth, backing vocals & occasional additional guitar
Nick Allbrook: bass

Style: Colored Pants, Denim Jackets, Basic Tees



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Volcom Pipe Pro 2013 Lei Day

Rarely are the waves too big to run competition, but lightening just struck twice as consecutive Volcom surf contest were called off due to heavy surf. But that didn’t stop the boys at Pipeline, watch as they go for broke in the hunt for $130K on the 3rd straight “Lei Day” of the 2013 Volcom Pipe Pro.

Check for live footage Weds Jan 30

INSTAGRAM-2Clockwise from top left: 

 @layneaew rocking Vans at the venue
@reigo05 only skates in Volcom Denim
@estanciarapida in the V-co Tanktop