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April 11th, 2013 | By | 1,171 Comments

Sand and Serif Festival Style for Guys

Sand & Serif is a blog comprised of coastal dwelling dudes with a knack for curating kits for any occasion. Here’s what they chose for festival bound fellas looking to sport a solid look.


1. Topo Ranch Tide Tank -Cool colorways and simple shapes make this a mellow top for an epic sun-day

2. Lightning Bold Pelican Boardshorts -Lightning bolt, your pure source of stoke and style. Its all 20 inches and shorter at these shows.

3. Brixton Oath III Hat -Nothing says indie like Brixton. Stay shady with guys who know music

4. Oakley Frogskin Sunglasses -Flare meets fashion. Spice it up with dash of flouro

5. Reef Coastal Cruiser Shoe -Few people actually wear sandals to big festivals, you’ll understand when you lose a slippa in the pit at the Descendents show

Thank you Sand & Serif for picking the freshest threads for the party. See the whole festival style collection here.


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March 19th, 2013 | By | 127 Comments

Camp Shred 2013

The first ever Camp Shred is in the books, with 3,000 frothing friends of the Ca State Parks demoing the latest surf technology. Booths from every master shaper in the surf industry took over the campground overlooking Cardiff Reef, and the waves woke up for anyone to take a shred-stick for a test drive. With no shortage of Pacifico or Bull-Taco, the Transworld Surf x SurfRide event raised much needed support for the parks.

Missed out? Well checkout all the latest progressive surfboard shapes from SuperBrand, Channel Islands, Firewire, JS, and more.

March 15th, 2013 | By | 3 Comments

Tavik Coachella Survival Sweeps

Every festival-goer knows the inherent risks of weekend long music benders in the sun like; lobster burn, hangovers, lost phones, thizzle face, public nudity and beer goggles. One thing you can control is looking sharp while you do your thang, and Tavik has you covered

tavik coachella

Fan Tagged #TAVIK style -Shop the steeze for guys or girls

Tavik is a music driven lifestyle apparel company, and your answer to any festive style conundrum. The Tavik team custom curated a guys and girls festival kit that includes swimwear, sunglasses, jammypack speakers, headwear, iPhone case and more. These guys are the authority on pool parties that parlay into all night ragers, just watch their 2011 highlight reel from Coachella.

Enter to win the Tavik Coachella survival fit here for him or for her. Ends 4/1/13. Earn 5 extra entries for every friend referred.

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Coachella Lineup Countdown: Beach House

Looking for an escape from dubstep and confetti cannons at Coachella? Then Beach House will deliver your indie fix with tons of street cred.beachhead

Genre: Dream Pop
Motherland: Balitmore, MD
Band Members:
French-born Victoria Legrand
Baltimore native Alex Scally
Latest album: “Bloom” Released May 15th, 2012
Random facts: This is a boy-girl duo, not a romantic couple.
-Their debut album they finished recording in just 2 days without a record label.
-Alex Scally never played the guitar until Beach House was formed.
-Their second album “Teen Dream” was recorded in a converted church in upstate New York.
-Victoria Legrand sang in a Led Zeppelin cover band in high school.
Must Hear Track: Myth

Reason to see live: The perfect sync of Victoria’s dreamy voice and droning keyboard tied in with the all-around radiant sounds of Alex’s soothing chord tones and nimble slide-guitar riffs
Beach House Facebook Fans: 340K
Also Heard In: Volkswagen commercial that ripped off their track “Take Care”
Self Proclaimed: “We’re having technical difficulties with too much MDMA, we’re gunna start the song over” Victoria Legrand at Glastonbury 2010
Playing Coachella: Friday, April 19th
Style: Striped Tees, Combat boots, White pants

beach house band