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September Street Style Choice street style pics from the SWELL College Ambassador Team…

The Indian Summer is in full force. That means Summer skirts, tanks and sundresses dominated quad lineups all along the CA coast this month. Read on for a few choice kits, c/o SWELL College Ambassador Team this past month…
Pictured: Vans / Stance Socks

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SeaMade: Sun Protection


The sun is an essential in my life. It depicts my mood, my health, and my daily plan. Whenever the sun is out in full force, I feel more energetic and motivated to get outside to do something. The water always seems warmer when the sun is out and my surfs usually last twice as long as sessions when the sun isn’t out. Not only does the sun provide me with energy, it keeps me stock full of vitamin D, which is essential for the absorption of calcium and phosphorous- ensuring strong bones and a powerful immune system.

Living in San Diego, I have easy access to sunshine, but living so close to the beach has a con- marine layer AKA fog. The gloom depresses me. I give mad props to those of you who live in northern latitudes where it’s rare to get frequent full sun. But don’t forget that gray or blue, the sun will find its way to you. Always use protection to reduce chances of skin cancer and wrinkles. Who me? Yes, you. Those rays will reach down and brush your skin with a healthy dose of D but also carcinogens and fine lines if you’re not careful.

Being that I use the thickest, whitest organic sunscreen, I don’t always like to slather it on before going out. In the last couple years, I have discovered the beauty of hats. Versatile and stylish, you can’t go wrong with a hat that serves as a bodyguard for your skin. My favorite hat at the moment is a wide brimmed hat like the one pictured (Brixton Hat). It covers my face, neck, chest, and shoulders, so I can go out all day without having to apply a drop of sunscreen to those areas. Get yours: check out the epic collection of hats on SWELL 

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URT | World Famous Wompers

URT X SWELL joined forces to bring you new, exclusive styles saluting the art of body womping. The two coastal dwelling companies grew up in breaks that cater to barrel hunting body surfers eager to get heaved into hollow shore-pound.

URT is the inventor of the tide chart printed inside a shURT and receive international acclaim for heroic drops at XXL sessions, like co-founder Dougie Mann recently charging The Wedge (above).  URT released an exclusive line available only at SWELL in honor of their 4th annual WOMP body surfing competition   (more…)

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A Guide to the Aussie Music Festivals from Quay Eyeware

While you’re gearing up for the end of the US festival season..Outsidelands and Austin City Limits, Aussies are already 1 day deep into Splendor in the Grass. That’s right, it’s now a never-ending festival season; an Endless Summer Festival of sorts, for those willing to travel. To get the goods on what other Aussie music festivals we won’t be missing next season, we sat down with the gang at Quay Eyeware Australia to get their tips for music festivals in the land down under.
To say the team at Quay are music lovers is an understatement. The label was born roadside on the festival side where founders Linda and Allen Hammond launched their range of fun, color popping sunglasses. They created the Quay range as they felt there was need for fun, fashionable frames that people could afford. The duo left the city behind to launch their range on the festival circuit. Quay was a hit with festival goers and demand grew and the brand grew and went on to launch internationally in 2009.

So we turned to the experts to get their top 5 fest picks before they packed up and shipped out for stop No 1, Byron Bay… (more…)