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Top Tweets of the Week: Happy Friday the 13th

Enjoy another dose of surf speak being flung around this week in twitter-land. This Friday the 13th list celebrates the odd-balls of the industry, and those who encourage getting weird on the job.

Uh oh… It’s Friday the 13th! Stay away from black cats, evil knock-offs and be sure to wear your lucky Sanuks…
Sanuk Footwear

Our friends Sanuk recommend to fend off phonies with some fresh footwear. Take it from Rae at Sanuk, she’s got “sole”

Going on another swimsuit issue shoot Wednesday so I’m gonna have to look at more of this for a week.
Jimmy Wilson

Fan of fashion or not, the guys at Surfing Mag have an eye for aesthetics. Follow @Jimmicane for an opinionated trek around the globe. Thanks for Sharing Jimmy

it used to be a bad thing to have crabs! Allow me to introduce the newest crab to the planet…The Hoff Crab!
David Hasselhoff

It’s Hofficial, Mitch Bucannon has Crabs! C.J. you better get checked

Volcom Oz & Nz

Sloppy hook-ups, dosing the baked goods, top-shelfing…please share your stories with us too. And maybe we’ll share our after party involving a very phallic beer bong.

Send your “lifes better” Instagram shots to”> to raise money for @ #lifesbetterinboardshorts

Sharing is caring. Send Billbong a photo of some beachy dream scene, and they’ll donate $1 in your honor.

I can assure you this guy is getting weird on this Friday the 13th. Not really sure what Hoyo is saying here about a Zoo, but nothing much makes sense when you party with the legend Matt Hoy. Is that Parko in the purple wig? So if you jump on the Hoyo party train, prepare to time-travel into the seventh ring of hard rocking shit-head ripper land. Trust me.

Happy Friday the the 13th. Follow @Swelldotcom

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Todos Santos Paddle Session – Amazing Photos from an Epic Day – January 6, 2012

One day he’s joking at a local bar about going to Todos and the next he’s sitting in the channel puking up foam from a freak set on the head. Lifeguard and budding surf photog, Jordan Gonzales headed down to Todos Santos last Friday to snap some pictures of friends Bryce and Tj Saeman. These brothers, both skilled and highly competitive when it comes to big wave surfing, invited Jordan to join them on one of their many treks to this notoriously large Baja break. While this swell wasn’t as big as they all had hoped, the day long session did offer some of the cleanest conditions anyone had seen in recent memory.

Jordan packed his new toy, a Canon 50D, and snapped some incredible photos from the chartered boat in the channel:

Images May Not Be Re-Used or Reproduced w/o Consent. Photos: Jordan Gonzales.

After grabbing a bunch of shots from the boat and little dazed from the 3am wake-up call & subsequent race out to the famed Baja island, Jordan said he reluctantly got talked into jumping in the lineup with a GoPro in hand. Several waves and GP stills later, Jordan found himself right in the path of a rogue set wave. “This thing must’ve been 25 feet and it landed right on my head,” Jordan explained. It rag dolled him and pulled him under on a vicious rollercoaster ride in the whitewash. “I was hacking up foam and wanted to kill Bryce when he did finally pick me up on the ski. Of course the biggest wave came though right when I decided to jump in the water.” Overall Jordan was stoked to experience Todos on such a rare and remarkably clean & sunny day.

The above photos are unedited, straight from the camera shots. “The water was so blue and the conditions were so calm it didn’t seem like I was at Todos at all.” Rusty Long, Derek Dunfee, Jamie Mitchell, Dylan Graves, Maya Gabiera, Pat & Tanner Gudauskas, Dooma and of course Bryce and TJ Saeman were out there among others. Special thanks to Jordan for sharing his story and photos.

Click Below for the Surfline TV Video Edit from this day:

Todos Santos Paddle Session Surfline -TV

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Elastic Waistband Drawstring Boardshorts -Back in Style

Remember when the old boardshorts would trap sand in the liner, creating a 10lb FUPA? Thankfully brands like Billabong re-designed drawstring boardshorts with tech features like recycled polyester blended fabric for improved flex and quicker dry time.

They also detailed the Andy Davis collaboration boardshort with coconut buttons, drawcord cinch and a Bali inspired print. Perfect for a game of volleyball, mowing the lawn, or hot-doggin your local line-up.

WWMBD? Be the king of the beach in these elasto trunks, but dont forget to apply sun screen to your upper thigh. Toddland has become SWELL’s throwback specialists by perfecting retro paneling, and signature embroidery. These shorts eliminate ballooning in the water, and a must-have when its bronzing time.

The Striped Helmut shorts are the non-submersibles gaining popularity as a short to wear anywhere. From country clubs, to Kona country, this classic cinch waist walkshort looks good and feels great.

You’ve tried hybrid shorts, hi-performance pairs, then tech stretch…now get the tried-&-true style with modern features. For more elastic waist draw-string, scalloped boardshorts, like my personal favorite Moi Moi trunks (above) click here.

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Sean Collins Memorial Paddle Out in Huntington Beach

Thousands lined the rails of the Huntington Beach Pier like it was the finals of the US Open of Surfing. AAron Pai of Huntington Surf and Sport started the memorial service by listing Sean’s countless accomplishments from founding Surfline to working as a wave consultant on national security issues. Sean’s widespread influence were deeper than anyone imagined!

Everyone showed major appreciation for the gift of Surfline that Sean Collins founded in 1985. It was the first accurate wave forecasting model service that now sees 1.5 million monthly visitors. Legendary surfers Taylor Knox, Mike Parsons, and Brad Gerlach spoke of their special relationship with Collins, noting that his keen wave intuition gave them the knowledge necessary to track huge swells that earned them big wave awards. Stories of Sean’s love for his family and traveling in Baja California helped describe this passionate man who’s memory lives in every surfer’s pursuit of waves.

The paddle-out follows a traditional gathering of the surfing community, and this occasion may have been one of the biggest in history. (more…)