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Pilates for Surfers A Quick, 20 Minute Surf Workout

Not quite as dedicated to chiseling the ideal performance surfing physique as Fanning? Fret not. Fellow SWELL-ites (SWELL-ans, SWELL-ers) Billy and Dave were nice enough to help demonstrate a few Pilates exercises that will help improve your strength and balance in the water, while only setting you back from diving into lineup for about 20 minutes.

The main goals for the session include…
1) Increasing overall performance:
* Improved muscle strength and endurance in the upper body, including the shoulder extensors, flexors and internal rotators, elbow extensors and flexors, and scapulae stabilizers
*Strengthen the core to increase balance
*Improve strength and flexibility of lateral flexors and rotators needed for more advanced maneuvers

2) Preventing injuries related to the high-impact nature of surfing (knee/ankle injuries) and overuse of certain muscle groups (shoulder/rotator cuff injuries)
*Practice proper recruitment of the rotator cuff muscles, scapulae stabilizers and upper back extensors.
*Practice proper foot and knee alignment, as well as strengthen the muscles around the knee/ankle joints to decrease the chance of knee and ankle injury
*Improve posture through correct recruitment of abdominals

3) Correct muscle imbalances that inherently developed through surfing
*Improve flexibility of hip extensors and lower back, as well as strengthening the abdominals to relieve lower back pain
*Promote balanced strength around the joints of the extremities and trunk.
*Strengthen the lower body to correct a weaker lower body in relation to a strong upper body.
*Increase pectoral and internal shoulder rotator strength to balance out the overuse of posterior deltoid, trapezius and upper back extensors

Naysayers be forewarned- this WILL be a challenging (ie, non-girly) 20 minutes. Enjoy!

Have questions about any of the exercises? Leave your comment below!

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Sarah Burke – Skiing Loses Icon at age 29

Just last week, on January 19, 2012, the freestyle skiing industry lost icon Sarah Burke. Sarah was a free skiing pioneer as well as a six-time X Games gold medalist.

The accident happened during a training session in Utah. During a routine trick, Sarah landed on her feet, then fell shortly after which caused the impact to the head. Official reports said the cause of death was a severed neck artery which led into a heart attack, stopping blood flow to the brain and causing irreversible damage. Because of the nature of the fall, experts say that not even better protection gear would have changed the outcome.

Sarah grew up in Midland, Ontario Canada and started skiing with her family at the young age of 5 years old. When she was old enough she pursued skiing passionately at local resorts every day as an after school activity. Shortly after she joined a Freestyle club and traveled to several events and competitions. Soon enough, all the hard work had paid off and Sarah became part of an official Ontario team. This of course led into milestones in her career such as gold medals in the FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships, as well as the X Games between 2007 and 2011.

Sarah was expected to be one of the main contenders at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. When that time comes, every ski athlete from every country will acknowledge and give thanks to her for bringing worldwide recognition to the freestyle skiing industry. Without her, free skiing would not be included in the Olympics today.

Because of terms within the insurance policy, sanctions, and sponsorship involvement during the accident, Burke was not covered for her medical expenses. If you would like to help the family please click here to donate. Sarah is survived by parents Gordon and Jan, sister Anna, and husband Rory.

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Starbucks Adding Beer & Wine to Menu in Southern California

Beer drinkers of Southern California rejoice! Soon you’ll be able to order a different kind of frothy beverage at select Starbucks locations.

Yesterday the coffee giant announced that it will add beer and wine to the menu of several of its Southern California and Atlanta based locations, as well as a handful of others in the Chicago area by the end of 2012. The beer and wine selection, along with a new assortment of premium food items, will be part of an “extended menu” geared towards people looking to unwind after a long day at work.

Starbucks Brew

This is only a mock up, please don't sue us Starbucks!

Now all you lushes out there can stop by a Starbucks for your daily fix of the sweet stuff and still feel like a respectable citizen! Kidding aside, we’re thinking this makes sense, and are especially stoked to order something other than coffee when we’re trying to score free wifi!

Unbeknownst to many of the imbibers here at SWELL, Starbucks already offers this juiced up menu in five stores across Seattle and Portland. Due to popularity and customer requests, Starbucks has decided to test out this new menu in the areas listed above and, if all goes as planned, they might even bring this to a Starbucks near you!

Unfortunately they will only offer the extended menu in four to six cafes across Southern California and they have yet to announce the specific locations. We here at SWELL are keeping our fingers crossed for the La Pata and Pico joint, but as of now it’s all speculation as to where we’re going to score the new Venti beverages. Either way, I say we all start heckling other chains to follow suit and who knows, maybe we’ll be ordering a McLager with French Fires at our local Mc D’s!

What are your thoughts on Starbucks adding an extended Beer and Wine Menu?

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Carver Skateboards – The Ultimate Surf Training Tool

Looking for a new type of cross training to improve your surfing? Check out Carver skateboards, now available at SWELL. These specialized surf skates feature a swiveling front truck equipped with an embedded spring system to propel the board forward when it’s pumped like a surfboard.

The power is in the patented, swiveling front truck!

What you get is a new type of riding that truely mimicks down the line surfing and helps keep your legs fit while you are out of the water. With the Carver boards you will stay in shape and improve your surfing even when away from the coast or during an extended dry spell.

Team rider Laird Hamilton cross trains on his Carver skate

Created by surfers for surfers, this board will turn a parking lot or driveway into your very own standing wave and is a must have for everyone’s quiver. You’ll be able to pump this board uphills or even get it going from a dead stop. This is not a skateboard, this is The Ultimate Surf Training Tool.

Grab yourself a Carver skateboard here and get ready to Surf your Skate!

Check out the video below to see the board in action: