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Starbucks Adding Beer & Wine to Menu in Southern California

Beer drinkers of Southern California rejoice! Soon you’ll be able to order a different kind of frothy beverage at select Starbucks locations.

Yesterday the coffee giant announced that it will add beer and wine to the menu of several of its Southern California and Atlanta based locations, as well as a handful of others in the Chicago area by the end of 2012. The beer and wine selection, along with a new assortment of premium food items, will be part of an “extended menu” geared towards people looking to unwind after a long day at work.

Starbucks Brew

This is only a mock up, please don't sue us Starbucks!

Now all you lushes out there can stop by a Starbucks for your daily fix of the sweet stuff and still feel like a respectable citizen! Kidding aside, we’re thinking this makes sense, and are especially stoked to order something other than coffee when we’re trying to score free wifi!

Unbeknownst to many of the imbibers here at SWELL, Starbucks already offers this juiced up menu in five stores across Seattle and Portland. Due to popularity and customer requests, Starbucks has decided to test out this new menu in the areas listed above and, if all goes as planned, they might even bring this to a Starbucks near you!

Unfortunately they will only offer the extended menu in four to six cafes across Southern California and they have yet to announce the specific locations. We here at SWELL are keeping our fingers crossed for the La Pata and Pico joint, but as of now it’s all speculation as to where we’re going to score the new Venti beverages. Either way, I say we all start heckling other chains to follow suit and who knows, maybe we’ll be ordering a McLager with French Fires at our local Mc D’s!

What are your thoughts on Starbucks adding an extended Beer and Wine Menu?

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Carver Skateboards – The Ultimate Surf Training Tool

Looking for a new type of cross training to improve your surfing? Check out Carver skateboards, now available at SWELL. These specialized surf skates feature a swiveling front truck equipped with an embedded spring system to propel the board forward when it’s pumped like a surfboard.

The power is in the patented, swiveling front truck!

What you get is a new type of riding that truely mimicks down the line surfing and helps keep your legs fit while you are out of the water. With the Carver boards you will stay in shape and improve your surfing even when away from the coast or during an extended dry spell.

Team rider Laird Hamilton cross trains on his Carver skate

Created by surfers for surfers, this board will turn a parking lot or driveway into your very own standing wave and is a must have for everyone’s quiver. You’ll be able to pump this board uphills or even get it going from a dead stop. This is not a skateboard, this is The Ultimate Surf Training Tool.

Grab yourself a Carver skateboard here and get ready to Surf your Skate!

Check out the video below to see the board in action:

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Half-Pipe Wave Pool Planned for San Clemente

Greyson Fletcher tests the Wave Pool Prototype c/o OC Register
Just down the street from the SWELL hq at the Vista Hermosa Sports park a new, one-of-a-kind attraction is in its final stages of development. Surf N Turf, an 18 hole mini golf course, restaurant and 75,000 gallon wave pool combo will feature a unique half-pipe style wave pool as it’s crowning feature. It will be the first real water half pipe with sloping walls and gushing water that can adjusted for various skill levels and riding capabilities. Located right in the breeding grounds of a surfing, skating and skimming hotbed, owners hope to inspire a new type of extreme sport and raise the bar for riders the world over.

Surf N Turf San Clemente Development

Drawings have yet to be released of the wave pool, but owners said you will be able to drop into the wave as you would a normal half-pipe when completed. This pool will use the same sheet wave technology used at the WaveHouse in San Diego, but this new skating inspired design might just be a little more user friendly than its San Diegan counterpart.

Project engineer of the wave pool, Andrew Street said, “We want take this up a notch. We want to provoke the extreme attitude of athletes to come be part of our group, as well as younger children… something fun, exciting new.”

While construction of the mini golf course and restaurant are set to begin as early as spring with a completion in summer, the wave pool does not have an expected completion date as of now.

Read More about this at:
Photos c/o Fred Swegles OC Register

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Top Tweets of the Week: Happy Friday the 13th

Enjoy another dose of surf speak being flung around this week in twitter-land. This Friday the 13th list celebrates the odd-balls of the industry, and those who encourage getting weird on the job.

Uh oh… It’s Friday the 13th! Stay away from black cats, evil knock-offs and be sure to wear your lucky Sanuks…
Sanuk Footwear

Our friends Sanuk recommend to fend off phonies with some fresh footwear. Take it from Rae at Sanuk, she’s got “sole”

Going on another swimsuit issue shoot Wednesday so I’m gonna have to look at more of this for a week.
Jimmy Wilson

Fan of fashion or not, the guys at Surfing Mag have an eye for aesthetics. Follow @Jimmicane for an opinionated trek around the globe. Thanks for Sharing Jimmy

it used to be a bad thing to have crabs! Allow me to introduce the newest crab to the planet…The Hoff Crab!
David Hasselhoff

It’s Hofficial, Mitch Bucannon has Crabs! C.J. you better get checked

Volcom Oz & Nz

Sloppy hook-ups, dosing the baked goods, top-shelfing…please share your stories with us too. And maybe we’ll share our after party involving a very phallic beer bong.

Send your “lifes better” Instagram shots to”> to raise money for @ #lifesbetterinboardshorts

Sharing is caring. Send Billbong a photo of some beachy dream scene, and they’ll donate $1 in your honor.

I can assure you this guy is getting weird on this Friday the 13th. Not really sure what Hoyo is saying here about a Zoo, but nothing much makes sense when you party with the legend Matt Hoy. Is that Parko in the purple wig? So if you jump on the Hoyo party train, prepare to time-travel into the seventh ring of hard rocking shit-head ripper land. Trust me.

Happy Friday the the 13th. Follow @Swelldotcom