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International Surfing Day 2012 Preview

International Surfing Day is celebrating it’s eighth annual event that has grown to over 200 separate events in over 25 different countries. From paddle-outs to beach clean-ups, surf movie nights to mangrove restorations, surfers across the world will be coming together on June 20th 2012 to both celebrate the sport of surfing, and to give something back to the oceans, waves and beaches that give us all so much.

As Surfrider’s exclusive retail destination, SWELL again joined the ISD celebration by taking part in the first annual live 8-hour webcast. Hosted by Chris Cote and Susan Holmes McKegan, the live broadcast will feature pro surfers, industry icons, bikini fashion models, live bands, movie premiers, eco seminars, an eco product showcase by SWELL, and more.


To commemorate our spiritual obsession with the ocean, Surfrider put together membership packages of epic proportions! For one day only, you can score a GoPro, Dakine backpack, and tons of surf gear for less than cost! They’re subsidizing the cost in honor of the ocean and to get more members, so tune in on Wednesday to get dialed into 8 hours of surf madness. Read more about the epic Surfrider membership deals here.

SWELL prides ourselves in carrying the largest assortment of eco-friendly products. The surf industry is leading the charge in front engineering products that remove waste from our oceans instead of adding more. From boardshorts made of plastic bottles, to sustainable bamboo fibers in wet-suits, we’d be hypocrites not to care for the seas, right? Checkout SWELL’s eco shop here

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Channel Islands is kicking off summer with 2 awesome promotions on SWELL!


First up is a Free Bar of their super Sticky Top coat wax with ANY Channel Islands purchase -Tees, Gear & Boards! This new extra tacky blend of wax is finding its way under many of the top ‘CT & ‘QS  riders’ feet.

The added traction makes hard turns and aerial maneuvers easier, letting you surf like you are strapped onto your board. Modeled after the celebrated Brazilian Banana Waxes, the Channel Islands formula is a less environmentally detrimental blend. You will have to try this sticky stuff out for yourself, but once you do you will be hooked on it like many of us here in the office. The free bar you get with your CI purchase breaks off into 3 smaller hex bits that will last you many sessions!!!





Channel Island’s second promotion is a free Conner Coffin Tail pad ($38 value) with your next surfboard Purchase! Whether you are slapping it on your Neck Bead, Semi Pro, or CCoffin Signature Model Fred Rubble, this pad features the extra grippy surface many pros have come to love. Dane swears by this grip and so should you! Conner’s 3 piece pad comes in the blue color way.

Hurry though, both these promotions run only while supplies last!!!


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Recycling the Reef. How to get the most out of your FREE Miss Reef 2012 Calendar

It’s those 3 little words every man wants to hear….FREE. REEF. CALENDARS.
How do you get your mitts off your keyboard and onto one of these? We’re giving one out with EVERY mens Reef footwear and clothing purchase. (Get yours HERE)

We know it’s May….but waste not! Here’s a few ways we’ve re-used, recycled and reclaimed January – April’s delightful derrières. Innovative? Not in the least. But never-the-less useful, and quite possibly, an entertaining enterprise.

The ever-popular way to extend the life of your Reef Calendar.

Get a surfboard ding repair kit and glass it on there- immortalizing the month of March.


Add some glue and white paper to the back.


Creep-ify your (or  your friend’s) cubicle


Cut, write, repeat. No one can get mad at that! *Results may vary.


Cardboard + square image = coaster.

Have any genius ideas on how to keep your Reef calendar from hitting the trash can this December? Share away.

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Poler – The Nap Sack: A Sleeping Bag Jacket

Take your girlfriend’s snuggie, cut off the sleeves, man it up a bit and you’ve got yourself the Nap Sack from Poler.

This part sleeping bag, part puff jacket hoodie serves as both an apparel accessory and an impromptu sleeping ararngement. Friends will be jealous, significant others will be bummed, but you will be nice and cozy when-and-wherever you decide to pass out.

Here’s how it works:

Roll up the bottom, zip open the arm holes and you’ve got yourself a super warm and comfy puff hoodie complete with a front zipper and ipod compatible chest pocket. Use it as a changing robe or use is as a couch/campfire companion!

When you are tired, pull in your extremities, zip/cinch yourself up and voila! You’re snug as a bug down to 50 ° F. No more climbing out of your sleeping bag to check the surf or losing your warmth when nature calls!

When not in use, the Nap Sack rolls up into a convenient little bag that stores easily in your truck or pack making it a crucial item for the space-conscious wanderer. Take it with you backpacking or keep it close by when couch-surfing.

About the Brand: Poler

Born in Portland Oregon where the beards grow and the PBR flows, Poler Camping Stuff brings us a colorful assortment of high quality –well.. stuff! Check out the Magic Tarpit that’s half-poncho, half-tarp, part-makeshift-shelter, half hybrid camouflage as well as the other pioneer worthy soft goods from Poler.