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We recently came across these two all-time clips of Wait’s doing what he does best. The first is an intro to an appearance on “Soundstage.” The second is a rare music video directed by Anders Lövgren.

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How quickly they grow. It seems like only yesterday that Park Life came screaming into this world, and now they’re already a year old. To celebrate, they’ve planed a major benefit / exhibition shindig, featuring the works of more than 30 artists who have helped in their success. A portion of the event’s proceeds will be given to the SF Coalition on the Homeless. The show will run from Nov. 2 – Dec. 5, 2007.

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Swell model Sophie was nice enough to send us some photos from her recent Quik trip to Thailand. Along with teamrider Danny Fuller and friends, the group got up close and personal with the people, the culture, and alternative means of transportation. (Check out that trunk space!) Jealous much? We are. And while most of us will never get invited by Quik to go anywhere, you too can trek this eco-surf adventure through the Phuket Surf Club. Check ‘em out and tell ‘em we said hi. (More photos after the break.)


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This is arguably one of the most compelling stories we’ve heard in some time. Earlier this week Dave Rastovich led an international group of celebrities, surfers and activists in a paddle-out peace mission in the waters off Osaka, Japan, to honor the lives of the 25,000 dolphins and pilot whales killed each year by local fisherman. However, the demonstration quickly derailed when the group encountered 30 captured pilot whales that were facing immediate termination. In blood filled water, the activists faced off with fishermen who wilded wooden poles and propeller blades in an attempt to avert the group from stopping the slaughter. TransWorld Surf has full details.