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Heeeeaveeeey. If you haven’t already checked out Nixon’s super duty 51-30 watch, let’s just say it’s larger than life. No joke, Flavor Flav is considering suing for whiplash. And that’s just the sort of thing National Geographic was looking for when they were compiling their Best of Adventure Gear for ’08.

As you would expect, we’ve been all over it since the beginning.

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At long last, Thalia Street Surf Shop on PCH in Laguna Beach reopened its doors last week after months of undergoing re-constructive surgery. And what’s been hiding beneath the veils and speculation is a swan unlike any other. But this transformation had help from local, legendary artists who make a special practice of retooling ordinary objects into extraordinary pieces. (more…)

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What has four doors, fuel cells, solar panels, and a plug-in electric system? Hopefully, the vehicles we’ll all be driving in next few years. Volkswagon unveiled their “space up! Blue” concept car this past weekend in Los Angeles, further proving that Gov. Ahnold’s plans for “hydrogen highways” aren’t merely science fiction. has more.

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Our good buddy and team rider Mike Morrissey had the good fortune of being invited to tour Japan with the sickos at Volcom. Veeco had the good sense to document the chaos in words, film and photos. We’d really love to hate this guy if he wasn’t one of the most likable figures around. Excuse us, there’s a beer we need to go cry into.





Our good buddy and teamrider Mike