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We’re always love a good tale of heroism and survival, but this story is hands down the best we’ve ever heard. Although the events took place in October 2005, it’s a legend more than worthy of repeating throughout the ages. The New Yorker has full details.

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A co-founder of Greenpeace and Greenpeace International, the creator of the Sea Shepard Conservation Society, the former director of the Sierra Club, and the current commander of both the Canadian-registered research and patrol ships The Farley Mowat and the Sirenian, Captain Paul Watson sits down with E to discuss his fears and hopes for the planet, as well as his distrust for corporate environmentalism.

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He’s known to be a regular at Sydney’s best breaks, he’s leading the fight against global warming, and he wants to immediately pull troops out of Iraq. He is Kevin Rudd, Australia’s newly elected Prime Minister, and he’s about to make a lot of people in Washington very angry. CNN has more.

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Heeeeaveeeey. If you haven’t already checked out Nixon’s super duty 51-30 watch, let’s just say it’s larger than life. No joke, Flavor Flav is considering suing for whiplash. And that’s just the sort of thing National Geographic was looking for when they were compiling their Best of Adventure Gear for ’08.

As you would expect, we’ve been all over it since the beginning.