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Lookout, Gabi Reese is getting some tonight. We can’t even begin to fathom the amount of testosterone that’s being thrown around the Hamilton compound this weekend. Is there anything Laird can’t do? Screw Will Smith, it’s LH that’s legend. The following story from Honolulu’s Star Bulletin describes in sickening detail his recent life-saving efforts at Jaws. As fucking crazy as this story is, keep in mind that one of the smaller details is that while 80-foot-plus size waves were crashing down on him and tow-in partner Brett Lickle, he had the presence of mind to use his trunks as a tourniquet for his buddy’s severed leg. Get ‘er done.

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What is it with surfers and the back nine? Inquiring minds want to know. Stab Mag takes a deeper look and the phenomena, and exposes why so many of the US elite have taken going (to the) green to a whole other level.

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Being the clever, insightful, trend-setters that they are, the editors at TransWorld Surf have just put out their predictions for 2008. Apparently the death of the gun is near, backsides are back, and the underdogs will have their day. Clear here for full details.

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We’re not keeping our fingers crossed, holding our breath, rubbing Buddah’s belly, or doing anything else that might help prove true the outrageous swell predictions slated for Southern California. 28-feet? For really reals? But just in case, we just bought ourselves a new E Bomb and doubled checked that we have two sick days left before the new year. Surfline and The OC Register have more.