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We’re going to assume that everyone is either still drunk or still sick, due to this week’s lack of interesting news. Or maybe our wireless coconut connection is crapping out just like our P.O.S. iPhone. So you can imagine how thrilled we were to stumble upon Electric’s electrifying zine. (Clik on the WORD tab from their home page.) Chock full of fun and mayhem, their current issue features athlete profiles, career-damaging party pics, shout out’s and what’s up’s. Slick, stylish and thought provoking, it’s by far the best thing we’ve seen this year. Honest!

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We laughed, we cried, we drank until we cried, we said g’day to the new prince, and farewell to the king. Both Surfline and TWSurf have compiled stunning photo essays that pay tribute to the North Shore’s 2007 contest season. From the looks of it, if you weren’t wasted, the day was.

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How bad has the crime in Rosarito and neighboring areas become? Try VERY. It seems like everyone and their brother has a new tale of terror to tell. From traffic violation scams to roadside robberies to kidnappings and assault; the advice from locals is to stay far, far away. The New York Times has more.

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Don’t be mislead by this post’s small imagery. We know (probably better than most) that hangovers are no small thing. And being that both Xmas and New Year’s happen to fall midweek this year, chances are you’ll be whimpering in your cube the next two Wednesdays hoping the office fatties haven’t mowed through the Hickory Farm baskets. But before you bight the plastic off that salami stick, take a look at They’ve got hundreds of proven remedies, homemade cures, and reader recommended strategies to kick the dog that bit you. Just select what you had to drink, pick a body part that hurts the most, and barfo! A recipe for your toxic nightmare is displayed. We hear they’re also working on a website that provides step-by-step instructions for ruining your roommate’s credit.