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If you’ve noticed the air around Carlsbad has been easier to breathe lately, you can thank Taylor Knox. Homeboy recently had the crew at Grease Not Gas convert the diesel engine on his 2008 F250 to one that runs completely on vegetable oil. At a price of around $3,700, Taylor’s new 37-gallon tank can make a run up to Maverick’s and back with a little juice left over. As well, filling up has also gone from a hassle to pure pleasure, as local breakie hot spot Hill Street Cafe in Oceanside lets him chow down on home fries while the day’s grease is transfered to his ride, for free.

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Because we all could use a little more culture in our lives, The Surf Gallery will be hosting an artists reception this Friday from 6pm to 10 pm for their latest exhibition, New Emmissions in Sight and Sound, presented by Globe. The collection includes new photo works from Scott Soens, Dustin Humphrey, DJ Struntz, Wolfgang Bloch, Andrew Kidman, Patrick Trefz, Joe Curren, Thor Jonnson, John Rinek, Adam Warmington, Jason Murray, and Clark Little.

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Surfrider License Plate

We bet the South Carolina prisons have their hands full getting these bad boys out the door. The Charleston, SC, office of the Surfrider Foundation teamed with their neighboring Grand Strand chapter to create these customized license plates, which features waves, sand, sea oats, water drops and the letters “KC” for the nonprofit’s motto, “Keepers of the Coast.” The plates, which went on sale at State Department of Motor Vehicles offices last week, cost $65 in addition to the regular motor vehicle registration fee and are valid for two years. A portion of the fees will go to each chapter for environmental projects and education initiatives. We haven’t heard if any other states plan to offer similar plates, but it’s well worth urging your local Surfrider chapter to follow suit.

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The “wicked” in this case is the “awesome” kind, as we’ve just learned the roster at FOAM Magazine now includes the powerhouse talents of Kristina Dechter (see above) and Monica Campana. Well known in most East Coast fashion circles, Kristina began her career at Lucky Magazine where she served as the Associate Fashion News Editor, and also pulled double duty as a very-in-demand stylist at Paper Magazine. In 2005 she became the Style Editor at Time Out New York while also contributing to the New York Times. Her current modus operandi: “I want FOAM to be the industry’s ambassador to the worlds of fashion and culture.” Monica joins FOAM as its Associate Publisher, fresh from serving as the Brand Manager and National Sales Manager for Salinas Swimwear. Prior to Salinas, Monica climbed the corporate ladder at TransWorld Media where she ultimately reigned as the Associate Publisher for TransWorld Skateboarding. Congratulations ladies. Expect everyone and their mother to be calling you for a job.