Cardiff Kook Attacked Again
August 16, 2011

Another sneak attack hit the “Cardiff Kook” Saturday night, and some are calling it the best yet. Repeat offending pranksters transformed the poop-stanced landmark into the land before time, erecting a pterodactyl swooping in on the kook.
The statue is regularly targeted for its novice looking pose in such close vicinity to one of surfing’s high-performance meccas.

On the corner of PCH & Chesterfield in Cardiff By The Sea, Ca. there was another wave of rubbernecking traffic jams to witness the scene. On what looks like a set of a children’s play, the Cardiff Kook’s shoulders are held by the talons of the flying dino, surrounded by a host of other creatures, trees, and a backdrop of erupting volcanoes. How on earth they pull this off again?

These creative antics have become a local tradition since the city installed the $120,000 “Magic Carpet Ride” statue in 2007. Countless attacks on the kook recently resulted in $3,200 in repairs that upset tax-minded residents. But the real locs defend these symbolic assaults on the style-less surfer, “The Duke would roll over in his grave if he saw some limp-wristed surf statue stick his ass out like he was doing the thizzle dance” heckled Jon Ross of Solana Beach.


The city has since taken down the prehistoric diorama, and are now discussing fines for Cardiff surfer Eric Hardtke, who also erected the 20 ft shark swallowing the kook last summer.

Tearing down the papier-mâché artwork cost the city a couple hundred dollars in labor, but neighboring businesses report 25% boosts in sales when people flock to witness a new costume for the kook.

What do you think: No serious harm, or cause for alarm?