Ca Budget Cuts To Raise Fees and Close Beaches Do Not Pass Go Unless You Pay $200 For Your Annual California State Parks Pass
April 18, 2012

Despite a 3 year period without a rate increase, the California Dept of Parks and Rec is hiking up the annual pass to $195! Line-up tensions at Cardiff and Doheny are about to get dicey with the price per wave costing around a buck for the average weekend warrior.

In order to break even with the daily rate you’d need 15 park visits, but most San Onfre surfers get their cost per visit under a dollar, and display their pass like a badge of honor. Aside from the exact monetary return on your investment visit your state parks, we’re giving you core-score points for supporting our parks in these tough times.

Here our top-10 reasons to pick up your pass before the May 1st deadline.

1) Keep beach facilities open at places like Morro Bay and Moss Landing
2) Avoiding long lines at most campground check-ins
3) Car security at sketchy beaches (3 SWELL Surfers had break-ins at Trestles)
4) Surf-checks w/o paying at secluded spots like Crystal Cove
5) Free +1 car with overnight campsites
6) Good karma with park rangers looking to “raise revenue” aka write tickets for bonfire parties
7) Loan it out. An easy way to return a $15 favor to a friend or neighbor
8 ) Exploring the best coastline in the world. See the list of parks here
9) No sessions cut short by expired parking meters
10) Unlike fishing licenses, the pass is valid 12 months for purchase date

The 35% increase takes effect May 1st in an effort to supplement the 22 million dollar budget-cut to park services. 70 of the 279 Ca State Parks are scheduled to close July 2012 due to budget cuts. Unfortunately the increase will only generate between 1 and 1.5 million from the 66,000 pass holders, but demand should increase in the days preceding May 1.

See the entire list of parks set to close here here.