Brand Spotlight: Boys + Arrows Interview & SWELL Selects with Boys + Arrows Designer, Meagan Scott
July 3, 2013

Not only do we heart Boys + Arrows outlaw/hippie-chic bikinis, but after chatting with Boys + Arrows designer, Meagan Scott (half of the sister-duo behind the free-spirited brand) we most-definitely would love to chill with her poolside and/or tag along on any of her crazy adventures around the world. We would wholeheartedly explore untamed jungles or kick back on deserted beaches with this chica, espesh when the must-haves in her beach bag include an endless supply of music and margarita ingredients. Who could ask for a better partner-in-crime than one that would also bring an endless supply of killer bikinis?! After reading the Q&A below, you’ll see why we want Meagan as a friend of our very own…

Behind the Seams with Meagan of Boys + Arrows Swimwear:
What’s the story behind Boys + Arrows? How did you get started?
MS: It started with an idea and a sewing machine. The Aha moment went something like, “hey, I’m going to start a bikini brand!” I think I was in Brazil at the time when I was supposed to be at home at a midterm. I’ve been known to make big decisions on a whim and never turn back. The creative development alone took over a year and is still going on every single day. It took every ounce of determination and drive to make it to my first launch. I look back and shake my head because it was so intense — it is getting more and more intense every day! Somehow I came in hot and am managing to keep up. I always imagine it like running a marathon without the warm up or the training. The way the label got started is definitely not how someone would teach it in design school but it was how I did it and I am having a blast.

What are your greatest design inspirations?
MS: I design suits that I would want to wear. My design aesthetic is anything that makes me want to play in the sun, kick back at a barbecue or crack a beer in a foreign land where all you need is your Boys + Arrows bikini and a few other bare necessities.

Who are your modern-day style icons?
MS: Modern Day? Is this a trick question? I always answer this one the same. Mike Scott (my father). He always shows up in the most interesting innovative “outfits”. Very biker-outlaw-hippie-chic. He reminds me to never follow a trend and always be true to myself.

What is one piece in your wardrobe that you just can’t live without?
MS: My Rogan Robber gloves. Somehow I always manage to work those into my ensemble.

Would you rather have more shoes in your closet or stamps in your passport?
MS: Stamps of course! Has anyone ever answered shoes? I don’t even own shoes really. They are annoying. One pair of boots, one pair of flops. Done and done.

What is your dream trip?
MS: Sailing a catamaran from one foreign land to another and hopefully running into some Pirates (nice ones). I Might even try to do this for my honeymoon!

What’s the most amazing place you’ve already traveled to? And what made it unforgettable?
MS: Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica! I’ve now been here more times then I can count. Here is a “tall tale” from that sums up my experiences there pretty nicely: tequila, black beans, cervesa, tequila, BUG SPRAY, tequila, BOYS+ARROWS tini bikini, mosquito net, multiple pink rafts (target $2.99 are you outta yo mind), video camera (start filming on the drive from the bar, to the airport). Designated driver will love this, guaro and squirt also known as gringo killer (heads up), black sand everywhere (don’t fight it), and a big fat smile on your face. OH!!! Ipod speakers, duh (very important, there needs to be a constant soundtrack to your life)

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what are the 5 must-haves items in your beach bag? MS: Music, an agave plant with instructions on tequila making, unlimited batteries for the music, my go-to black Boys+Arrows bikini, and nail clippers.

Your guilty pleasure on a lazy day or any day, for that matter?
MS: Unplanned beach day. I am a huge sucker for some sunshine. I don’t need much more then that!

Best brunch spot in town [Oxnard, CA]?
MS: Mrs. Olsens hands down.

What’s the best piece of style advice that you’ve received?
MS: Ugh I hate to admit it but it’s airplane attire. You must keep it real while flying.

What’s on your SWELL wishlist?!
Frye Combat Boots
Lovely Bird Hat
Element Hi-Lo Hem Dress
Nixon Tote Bag
Boys + Arrows Thelma Top


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