Blackout Bill’s Band of the Week – Ty Segall
April 20, 2011
Bill Laity

After nearly a half-century of evolution, present day garage rock comes in many shapes and sizes. From pop-influenced girl groups & lo-fi fuzz aficionados to psychedelic acid noodlers and blue-based head stompers.

Laguna Beach-bred surfer, Ty Segall 24, is a refreshing figure in this discombobulated genre. His far-flung sound, one part grunge wail & the other part backwoods weirdo, touches on everything from rockabilly to proto-punk to catchy piano and flute-tinged classic rock.

Segall began his recording career as a part-time musician in various underground bands in Laguna Beach & San Francisco, before beginning a solo career in 2008. After coming out with 3 albums and a string of successful and limited 7” singles his 4th album “Melted,” was placed in some “Best of 2010 Lists,” including Pitchfork, Rolling Stone & Spin. “Melted,” was quoted from Pitchfork’s Paul Thompson as an album that will give you a “kick in the pants.”

Ty Segall is considered to be much evolved from his first album, and more in control of his music and voice. So much so, that he was chosen to perform at the 2011Outside Lands music festival in San Fransisco. We’ll see you there Ty, keep ripping.

Off of his latest album “Melted,” Segall really belts out this tune “Imaginary Person.”


Bill Laity
That’s me Bill Laity at a Black Lips show at the Detroit Bar. I was dancing with a girl and she did one of those “run up and catch me in the air type deals” but I couldn’t catch her (due to part-intoxication, part physics) so I fell back and she landed on me, knocking me out.