Black Out Bill’s Band of the Week – SNFU
May 27, 2011


The history of punk cannot be told without mentioning these 4 letters- S N F U.

SNFU is a Canadian punk rock band that was concocted in 1981 by three skateboarders. This trio of skaters fused the raw energy of punk rock music with the aggression of skateboarding to pioneer the “skate punk” sub-genre. The band came to fruition amidst the incipient Canadian hardcore punk scene of the early 80’s. Originally formed in Edmonton, Alberta in 1981 by brothers Marc and Brent Belke and their friend Mr. Chi Pig, the band later relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia. Over the past 3 decades SNFU has witnessed punk rock transform itself from a remotest counterculture into a G-rated commodity. Although this transformation has occurred amongst the masses, SNFU has refused to conform to any “current climate” or zeitgeist. The band is not trying to sell you a pair of skateboard shoes nor have they ever. What SNFU has always wanted to do is tell you about the world they see- A dark place that’s digestible through acerbic sarcasm and severe wit.

The band has always maintained their originality through the raw, idiosyncratic lyrical imagery belted out by Mr. Chi Pig melded with their kinetic punk sound made up of melodic guitar riffs and explosive leads. This nonpareil sound that SNFU has created makes them one of the most influential punk bands of all time.
In 1984 they released their first groundbreaking album on BYO (Better Youth Organization) Records “…..And No One Else Wanted to Play.” This record, which still remains one of punk rock’s most definitive records of all time, gained so much popularity in the underground punk/skate scene that it allowed them to tour ceaselessly for 4 years. They played copious amounts of gigs all over North America & Europe stunning loyal aficionados with their dynamic, sardonic-fueled blitz.
After pioneering the skate punk sub- genre and displaying this revolutionary sound through 9 full length albums, numerous EP’s and over 1,000 live performances worldwide, it’s undisputed that SNFU is a legendary punk rock band that have not only staked their claim in Canada but have now achieved an indelible chapter of their own in the global punk rock history books.

Here’s a legendary little ditty of theirs to check out.

“I Forget”



– Bill

11 upcoming shows/events
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• Jul 20
Pogues Kamloops, British Co, CA – 8:00 PM

• Jul 21
Republik Calgary, Alberta , CA – 8:00 PM

• Jul 22
Starlite Room
Starlite Room Edmonton, AB , CAN – 8:00 PM

• Jul 23
O’Malley’s Irish Pub
O’Malley’s Irish Pub Red Deer, Alberta, CANADA – 8:00 PM

• Jul 25
The Horseshow Club
The Horseshow Club Jasper, AB, CANADA – 8:00 PM

• Jul 28
Reckless Bar
Reckless Bar Fort McMurray, Alberta, CANADA – 8:00 PM

• Jul 29
Amigos Saskatoon, SK, ca – 8:00 PM

• Jul 30
The Exchange
The Exchange Regina, Saskatchew, CANADA – 8:00 PM

• Jul 31
Finnigans Pub
Finnigans Pub Lethbridge, Alberta, CANADA – 8:00 PM

• Aug 1
Grand Forks Hotel
Grand Forks Hotel Grand Forks, BC, CANADA – 8:00 PM