Black Out Bill’s Band of the Week – Deer Tick
June 3, 2011
Deer Tick -

Deer Tick -

Deer Tick is an American indie folk band that hails from Providence, Rhode Island. This neo-hillbilly concoction is made up of four scruffily reticent young fellows that definitely know how to guzzle whiskey and slam beers. Although ostensibly an alternative country act, no amount of emulated steel guitar bends or folk fiddle breaks are going to disguise Deer Tick’s indie-rock core.

Deer Tick originally began as a two-man guitar and drum band in December 2004 led by singer/songwriter & guitarist John McCauley. Through several incarnations over the years he eventually transformed his 2-piece into a steady, brandy gulping quartet that pumped out a sound melding country, blues & folk all together. McCauley’s bile-encrusted nasal falsetto of roadhouse-poetic lyrics combined with the band’s Southern-leaning grooves has given them a niche that has created a loyal fan base of indie plebeians.

McCauley’s early departure from the cacophonous rock n roll scene that amassed Providence allowed him to pioneer this countrified indie sound and create this parasitic band name that has garnered them plenty of love from young fans who love to drink and sing along to the older fans who simply love the idea of Deer Tick. In an interview by Spinner Deer Tick was asked- “Describe your sound in your own words?” Their response- “We would describe our sound as being similar to the sound you’d hear if you were sitting in a bar right before last call and you wanted another drink.”

Known for their raucous and over-the-top live performances, Deer Tick have toured the nation multiple times and have gained more and more notoriety every time they’ve hit the road. They’ve now released 3 records that have all maintained that rural aesthetic sound with an indie twist.
Deer Tick is one of those bands that you love throwing on when you have some time on your hands to really absorb them…. whether it’s a road trip, a day trip or just simply trippin’, a placid mood is best. Otherwise you won’t appreciate their full sound and range.

Here’s a little ditty to check out off of their first album War Elephant-

If you liked that song check this one out as well. I found it much to hard to narrow it down to only one track for these guys.



– Bill

Tour Dates-
Sun, 06/19/11 9:00 p.m.
Brooklyn Bowl
Brooklyn, NY