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Insta Surf | Best POV Housings Setting the Beachy Benchmark in Waterproof Camera Cases

1. WATERSHOT iPhone 5 -Waterproof up to 195 ft deep

Instagram shot by Dustin Wise, Assistant Photog to Chris Burkard


Pros: Wide angle lens
No file transferring needed to post instagrams
Heavy-duty colorful case

Don’t Ever: Shoot without a leash or lanyard

2. Gopro Hero 3+ Adventure -30% smaller, 25% lighter and 2x more powerful than previous models

Barrel Vision by Billabong XXL Winner Shane Dorian


Pro: Professional HD Quality Motion and Still Photos
Wireless file transferring
Remote controlled selfies

Don’t Ever: attach one to a drone and fly by angry Lunada Bay locals

2.Incipio Atlas Waterproof iPhone Case – Ultra thin, tough, touchscreen friendly
Just another day cliff jumping with the SWELL team

Pro: Protection from getting throw in pools
Quick image sharing
Ensures resale value of phone

Don’t Ever: expect to pop your phone in and out with ease

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