Best Fest’d: Coachella Packing List
April 2, 2014

Pack it up, pack it in…
The Bikini Truck is back on the road and headed for Coachella! What’s at the top of the festival packing list this year? Read on to see what made the cut…ON THE BEST FEST’D PACKING LIST:
* Overalls: Pack this ultimate playtime piece to pair with swim tops and tanks.

* Camera: dont’ tanke your best camera. It WILL get damaged, and thus ruin your weekend.

* Shades: continuing on the note about not bringing your priciest goods, opt for a pair (or two) with standout style, and leave your designer frames at the hotel.

* Handkerchief: if the wind picks up, expect a good amount of dust. If it doesn’t pick up, expect a good amount of dust. So expect to be dusting often. Bring a bandanna or handkerchief to help tidy up or cover your face if it gets too bad. Overheating? Dip it in water and cool off. Need to clean your lens/find a clean place to sit/fill an empty back pocket? Boom, handkerchief. Bring one.

* Shoes: note, we didn’t say footwear. Shoes. Unless you’re planning on standing far from the action, sandals are never a good idea at concerts. Especially when dust is involved. But if homeless-chic is what you’re going for, by all means, rock those muddy toes.
*Bikinis! If you’ll be coming to Coachella, come shop our favorite bikinis at the Bikini Truck at the Saguaro (hours + more info here). Otherwise, pack a solid handful of standouts to wear at the pool and at the show. We prefer a cut-out bootie. The perfect cross between a breathable sandal and protective boot.

* Sunscreen: Bring it. Use It. Often.

* Statement Jewelry: You won’t want to wear much with the heat, so trims are a great way to show off style without inviting heat stroke to the party.

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