SWELL Suds + Style. Top Beer & Kit Pairings from the Stone Brew Fest.
August 18, 2013

The coast was pretty gray, wave-less, and downright dreary yesterday, so sun (and beverage) seekers had to relocate inland. I’m sure many-a-arms were twisted to steer this coastal emigration to the Stone 17th Anniversary Celebration and Beer Festival. Beer? In the sunshine? Horrible idea, I know.
There were over 100 different beers there…cider-y ones, manly ones, dark ones, fruity ones…the list goes on. So why not dress accordingly and wear a kits that says: “I’m here for the (insert brewery name here) beer!”
(Pictured Watch: Komono)

Read on for reviews of the top 5 beers from the ‘fest, paired with very apropos pants, shirts, etc…

THE BEER: Juxtaposition Black Pilsner
THE REVIEW: It’s 85 degrees and for sure it’s time to drink the darkest beer in the place. Black is cool, you know. Beer: dark but fresh and cool and tangy, like eating ants off the sidewalk.
THE PAIRING: RVCA V-Neck Tee / Volcom Black Denim / Raen Sunglasses / Vans Authentic Shoes


beer-necklace copy
THE BEER: Oskar Blues Imperial Red
THE REVIEW: The blue brand made a red! It’s imperial in same way King George the second had a red-headed step child, then that stepchild grew up to be the once and future king. Don’t underestimate the red, it’s taking over. It’s blue and red and American all over. It has that cool factor…because it’s in a can, you know. Like PBR, for those who actually like beer. They’re from Colorado, so of course they recycle their cans into necklaces that you can throw your stash in there and mountain bike to the next bar.
THE PAIRING: Patagonia Jacket / Volcom Frickin Modern Pant / Nixon Beanie 

mystery-beer copy
THE BEER: The Lost Abbey Mystery Beer
THE REVIEW: Mystery cannot capture the allure of this beer. Aged in oak barrels that were used for tequila aging and wine aging before that. It’s a sour that’s loaded with lime and a smoky tequila-y flavor. Ole!
THE PAIRING: Altamont Shirt / Billabong Walkshort / Vans Chauffeur Shoe

aloha-shirts copy
THE BEER: Robert & Ryan / Rip Current / Stone R&R Coconut IPA
THE REVIEW: Ho brah, where’s dat coconut? A little coconut, a whole ton o’ hops. Kind of familiar, like an ironic mustache wearing an Aloha shirt. The Tom SWELL-icks of beer.
THE PAIRING: Your favorite Aloha Shirt


THE BEER: Double Bastard Ale Aged in French Oak
THE REVIEW: You know how you have a friend, who’s sort of an ass. Then he has a beer, and he’s a full racing butt-face. It’s sorta like that, times two. It’s a manly-man’s beer…if said man loves a good brie. Imagine a beer being spilled on a work bench, collecting a bit of oak dust, then re-bottled. If said workbench were used solely for rising baguettes. There you have it.
THE PAIRING: Something a tad ostentatious…
Imperial Motion Lunar Tee / Billabong Selvage Denim