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Yes, You Need It: The Backpack Top 5 Places A Pack Is Essential (Outside of School)

School may still be out for Summer (or forever for some), but your backpack is like that kid in the front of the class with their arm glued to their ear – always ready to haul apples and provide an answer to your problem. Surprisingly, they are built to carry more than books and Snack Packs. A solid backpack is a year-round essential, made for living #theSWELLlife. So this Fall, we’re continuing on the Back To…tradition with a fresh pack. Need a reason to get the packing? Take 5…

1. LONG BEACH DAYS: Don’t come home from the beach with a tourist tan (or, even worse, coming home early). A backpack is key for hauling sunscreen, hats, surf gear, and snacks. Zippered tops are key here…seagulls are Ninja Turtles in disguise…if Ninja Turtles ate plastic bags in addition to pizza.

2. MUSIC FESTIVALS: All of the above, add layers for chilly nights and dance-ability to the list. You could probably cross seagulls off the list though, depending on the festival.

3. WILDERNESS EXPLORING: Hands free is the way to be on hikes. Stay liquidated by hauling your own beverages. When was the last time your saw someone “be prepared” in the wilderness with an oversized tote? Not never.

4. BEACH CRUISING: Pack up, because you never know where a beach cruise may land you.

5. TRAVELS: Safely transport your gear to and from above places and activities. Running to catch trains or buses can get dicey with a rolly bag in certain types of terrain.

Get to living #theSWELLlife..and bring your gear with you. Check out our favorite packs of the year:

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