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Surfing Power Couple: Ola & MBW

She’s The Face of Roxy Surfing, and he’s perfect-10 scoring Triple Crown contender. Ola Elogram and Monyca Bryne Wickey are engaged and continue to make the Hana Coast of Maui proud.

monyca bryne wickey

The two grew up next door to each other and started dating 8 years ago when both of their pro surfing careers took off. They train, travel, and can be seen partying with fellow power couple Laura Enever & Granger Larsen. Follow the soon to be married Hawaiians @MonycaBW @OlaEleogram

Monyca is a fitness and fashion guru for Roxy’s web series and is credited for progressing womens surfing in the film Leave A Message

See all the Roxy Styles from MBW and her bestie Kelia Moniz’s trip here

Ola is a WQS journey-man touring mostly sponsorless, but is known to ride SUPERbrand boards in mental edits like this.

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Coachella Lineup Countdown: The Neighbourhood


When The Neighbourhood released their first hit “Female Robbery”  no traces of them could be found online,  no photos, no biographical info or backstory of this mysterious and amazing band.  They only had vocals and a twisted music video as proof.

Jesse Rutherford – Singer. Jeremy Freedman – Guitar. Zach Abels – Guitar. Mikey Margott – Bass. Bryan Sammis – Drums

With tattoos, leather jackets and white tees, these five guys are bringing back a greaser meets British punk look we know we’ve missed. Front man, Jesse Rutherford, wears funky shades, can be found with a toothpick in the corner of his mouth, and just so happens to be a former underground hip-hop artist.  But Fo Real?!

Fan Style Tagged #TheNeighbourhood


Despite the British spelling of the band’s name, all five guys hail from super suburbia Newbury Park (about 30 minutes north of LA) and have a special bond that growing up together will create.  They’ve only been around since early 2012 but have more than a talent scouts favorite word; “promise.” See them live at the Empire Polo Field at Coachella 2013. Or if you aren’t one of the lucky thousands that are going to Coachella, check them out at the infamous El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles on April 16th. You’ll be entranced by their sound that has a mix atmospheric indie rock, electronica, hip-hop beats and pop-like/R&B-ish vocals.



Every once in a while a new band comes along and you’re pleasantly surprised by their ability to be unique and enthralling in a world where it’s so easy to sound like that other guy. I personally know I’m hooked when I find myself looking for a date of when I can be submerged into their live sound and all before they become too mainstream. I then continue to look through their website, prowl their twitter and instagram and all while I’m listening/watching every video on their YouTube channel. I’m hooked like a teenage girl with a high school crush and clearly borderline a stalker.

The Neighbourhood just happens to be my newest victim.

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Surfing Power Couple: Jack and Alana

He’s 2-time World Pro Junior Champ, she’s iconic bikini model and #5 ranked surfer in the world, and the recent hook-up of Jack Freestone and Alana Blanchard broke hearts across the globe.


Aside from their recent success on the surf tour, the two are also influential in designing fashion and performance apparel. Here Alana shows off her aptitude for the camera, and body sculpted by 2 decades of surfing in Hawaii. See Rip Curl’s bikini line worn by Alana Blanchard here.

Jack Freestone is Billabong’s young phenom making his first big push to qualify for the Elite ASP World Tour. In addition to his back-to-back World Pro Junior titles, he and his fellow progressive surfing pal Chippa went nuts in that wave Pool in Dubai. Enjoy the punt-fest, and check out his signature Invert Boardshort here.

They’ve only been together a mere month, so don’t go prophesying world championship offspring or celebrity weddings. Follow them on Instagram @JackFreestone @AlanaBlanchard

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Surfing Power Couple: Danny Fuller & Tori Praver

He’s RVCA’s A-list surf advocate, she’s supermodel CEO of Tori Praver swimwear, and they’re surfing’s newest proud parents. On 2/28 the Hawaii natives had a baby girl Ryan, who’s genetics already make her Hawaiian Royalty. The once stone-faced pipeline charger Fuller has no problem expressing affection for his SI cover-girl, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing lots of baby Ryan on Instagram. CONGRATS! Follow the power couple @DannyFuller @ToriPraver

danny fuller tori praver

Along with his big wave accolades, Fuller has made a name for himself in photography and hi-fashion modeling. He honed those skills to design signature trunks with his mosaic photography and performance fit.

Prepare to have your stomach in your throat as he tests out his RVCA trunks at Cloudbreak last year.

Tori also know how to turns some heads at the beach. Shop her signature bikini line here