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URT -The Original Tide Shirt

Looking for a niche new brand that transcends mainstream surf with a quirky coastal vibe, then URT is for you. Created by a couple of lifeguards who are skilled in the art of body womping, barking like sea lions, and staying tuned in with the tide… URT shirts are the whole package.

Co-Founder Ian URTnowski created truly functional clothing by printing a tide chart inside every top. You’ll never again miss that pumping incoming tide push, full moon night sessions, or even a grunion run. These guys are soo amped on pinnipeds that they printed a tee with the layout of Bin Laden’s compound that was stormed by SEAL Team 6.

Ian and co-founder Dougie Mann keep the residents of Coronado Ca active with body surfing contests, sand digging comps, and costumed surf-a-thons. Check out the whole line of URT shirts and get SWELL’s “seal of approval.”

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New York Surf Film Festival 2012

Just when you thought East Coast surfers couldn’t have it any better this year, The New York Surf Film Festival comes to town. The festival showcases surfing’s newest productions from every corner of the sport, in the iconic indie Brooklyn venue of Nitehawk Cinemas September 19-20.

During a year where we witnessed more big-waves, aerial progression, and even shark attacks in decades, the 2012 showcase is a must for anyone in the New York area this week. Check out for more

Dear Suburbia: The latest What Youth production from absurd surfers like Dane Reynolds, Craig Anderson, and Chippa Wilson.  Kai Neville did it again, making us all feel like terrible surfers and slaves to society. If you miss the show, get Dear Suburbia at SWELL.
Showtime: 10:45p 9/20


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SWELL is with LEAF

LEAF is a hand crafted company spawned by a buncha hard charging hooligans with a knack for art, surf and music. These local legends from South Laguna Beach have been releasing incredible indie action-sports productions for over a decade.

SWELL was stoked they came aboard to share their artsy apparel on the site, and we recently took part in an impromptu LEAF costume/surf contest to celebrate. We grabbed some tall cans and tambourines and caught up with chief LEAF lensman Isaac Zoller.

Sunday Aug 4, 2012. 9th Street Beach
Waves: Chest High Shorebreak. Beer: Warm Bud. Wear: Leaf Shirt & Sombrero
Issac plops down in the sand after just buckling a soft-top

SWELL: Who are all these humans behind LEAF?

LEAF: There are many humans behind LEAF, but the most important people are the extraordinary musicians, artists and athletes we try to capture through our photography and film. LEAF routinely collaborates and tours with close friends from the bands The Growlers, Ty Segall, and Le Blorr.

SWELL: What does the name LEAF stand for?

LEAF: We stole the idea from a tree. It’s actually just a word we chose because we liked the shape.

SWELL: If you could give any advice to LEAF purchasers, what would it be?

LEAF: We really aren’t the people you want to ask for advice but Abraham Lincoln once said “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf”

SWELL: Describe a typical Sunday afternoon for the LEAF family?

LEAF: Nursing hangovers and working on new designs. Sunday is the new Monday … : )

SWELL: How are the LEAF products made?

LEAF: All LEAF garments are hand made with tender love and care just up the street in the garage of the LEAF HQ Cabin

SWELL: What other places on earth does the LEAF company exist?

LEAF: LEAF lives in Mexico, Japan and the US of A, but now LEAF is available worldwide thanks to Swelly Bob Thorton.

SWELL: Always stoked to support core fellas like yourselves. What’s next for LEAF?

LEAF: The release of our new line, a surf trip to Mexico and a few live music documentations, along with the usual art shows and LEAF parties.

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SurfAid -Support in Style

In 1999, physician and surfer Dr Dave Jenkins went on a surf charter to the Mentawai Islands with one goal in mind: to find perfect waves. The surf at Lance’s Right proved to be everything he hoped for but he was also struck by the needless suffering and preventable death in the Mentawai Islands.

Today SurfAid includes a strong network of surfers, celebrities and global ambassadors actively empowering the Indo islanders to protect themselves from famine, floods, and become economic sustainable. And now you can support SurfAid with their iconic tee styles at SWELL

To give back to the place where sooo many surfers have scored the waves of their careers, companies like Billabong and Quiksilver have each committed over $100,000 to SurfAid for preparation to emergencies facing the Mentawai villagers. When the devastating tsunami hit in 2010, the villagers did not wait around for hand-outs, instead they addressed the horrific problems themselves, and have completed the major recovery projects with the help of SurfAid.

Surfaid International is now an iconic legacy in the surfing community, and their clothing line is a reflection of the vision it took to do the greater good while charging the world’s best reefs. Join Kelly Slater, Bruce Irons, Jack Johnson, Occy, Parko, Taj and more in supporting the cause by merely sporting a SurfAid tee