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Making of: Rareform Recycled Boardbags

Freeway Billboards cover every mile of  Southern California, so why don’t we upcycle these  massive sheets of useful plastic?
Rareform Boardbags
Billabong converts millions of plastic bottles into recycler series boardshorts, so Rareform ran the with concept to resuse plastics into “bill-board-bags” and as much surf gear as possible.

Co-Founder of Rareform, Alec Avedissian walks us through the innovation process

rareform billboard Boardbags
1. Sourcing:
 Billboards are actually made from heavy-duty vinyl to withstand weather and roadside elements.  They have the ideal protective UV coating for your board,  and colorful pop with designs and patterns.

rareform billboard Boardbags
2. Saving
After the relatively short life as a billboard, thousands of sq. feet of heavy vinyl is bound for the landfill. That’s where Rareform intercepts the material for reuse.

rareform billboard Boardbags
3. Designing:
The team at Rareform collects the billboard waste, washes them, and cuts out rad designs for 100% unique patterns. Tha’s right, no two boardbags look the same!

4. Sewing:
The bags are hand sewn in Ventura, Ca to fit most shortboards, fun shapes, SUP paddles and change mats/wetsuit bags.

They’re tricked-out with:
-#10 Heavy duty, corrosion resistant zippers
-Removable/adjustable shoulder strap
-1/4″ Foam padding
-Board bag hanger hook
-UV/heat/water/mildew resistant tarpaulin

5. Surfing!
Boast the best gear with function fashion and eco-upcycling on your next day drip or global surf get away.

Check out the Reform line at SWELL

The Story Behind the Billboard Bags:

On an extended surf trip to El Salvador, Rareform founder Alec Avedissian spent some time volunteering in a small fishing village. There he helped locals repair their roofs using the re-purposed material from old billboards. This material, both waterproof and incredibly durable, protected families against the harsh coastal elements. This however was not the case back home. When Alex returned to the States he learned that all this great vinyl material was going straight to the landfills.

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Jack Freestone’s Billabong x Stab Boardies

The R&D team at Billabong is doing something right with their team riders taking home two world titles in 2012. After winning the world pro junior title, Jack Freestone has now begun his run at qualifying for the mens world tour, traveling the planet with new signature boardshorts.

See more and watch the making-of video here




Enjoy the mixed bag of beats that gets Jack psyched before he shreds up a storms at D-Bah

Follow @JackFreestone on instagram and enjoy as he chases waves and women around the world.

jack freestone

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Coachella Lineup Countdown: Beach House

Looking for an escape from dubstep and confetti cannons at Coachella? Then Beach House will deliver your indie fix with tons of street cred.beachhead

Genre: Dream Pop
Motherland: Balitmore, MD
Band Members:
French-born Victoria Legrand
Baltimore native Alex Scally
Latest album: “Bloom” Released May 15th, 2012
Random facts: This is a boy-girl duo, not a romantic couple.
-Their debut album they finished recording in just 2 days without a record label.
-Alex Scally never played the guitar until Beach House was formed.
-Their second album “Teen Dream” was recorded in a converted church in upstate New York.
-Victoria Legrand sang in a Led Zeppelin cover band in high school.
Must Hear Track: Myth

Reason to see live: The perfect sync of Victoria’s dreamy voice and droning keyboard tied in with the all-around radiant sounds of Alex’s soothing chord tones and nimble slide-guitar riffs
Beach House Facebook Fans: 340K
Also Heard In: Volkswagen commercial that ripped off their track “Take Care”
Self Proclaimed: “We’re having technical difficulties with too much MDMA, we’re gunna start the song over” Victoria Legrand at Glastonbury 2010
Playing Coachella: Friday, April 19th
Style: Striped Tees, Combat boots, White pants

beach house band

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Jordy Smith -Bending Colours

Jordy Smith’s new signature surf movie Bending Colours was recently nominated as Surfer Poll’s best movie on 2012, and now has its own web series with teasers of another Kai Neville insta-classic.

Enjoy webisode 1 and get your copy here.

jordy smith
Like most pros today, Jordy is free-surfing in his favorite boardies and a plain cotton tee. Check out all the new O’Neill gear he’s rocking.

Hometown: Durban South Africa
Nicknames: “Smitty” “SuperFreak” “J-Dog”
Heroes: Shaun Thomson, Martin Potter
Favorite Wave: New Pier, J-Bay, Snapper
Girlfriend: Lyndall Jarvis -Supermodel
Second Home: Newport Beach, Ca

jordy smith