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Coachella Day 2

From Major Lazer to Yeasayer, every tent and beer garden was overflowing with stoke on day 2 of Coachella

Carpoolchella entry. Winning car decorated wins VIP tickets for life


Festive females showing off boho looks. The hot weather called for cut-off shorts and brimmed hats

instablakeGettin Weird with Blake from Workaholics

Skrillex + Boys Noize = Dog Blood.


instalazerDiplo about to crowd surf

instalazer2Major Lazer was the best show of the day. Hands Down.


Thomas Mars of Pheonix crowd surfsday1lineup

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Coachella Day 1

Day 1 of Coachella was just the tip of the Iceburg with most of the talent concentrated in the Sahara tent, and the throngs of fashionable festival-goers were eager to show off the latest trends. Guys went for tanks and tribal, while ladies hid from the heat under brimmed hats. See the custom curated fesetival style collection for guys and girls. DIY Fringe top (pictured above)

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Sand and Serif Festival Style for Guys

Sand & Serif is a blog comprised of coastal dwelling dudes with a knack for curating kits for any occasion. Here’s what they chose for festival bound fellas looking to sport a solid look.


1. Topo Ranch Tide Tank -Cool colorways and simple shapes make this a mellow top for an epic sun-day

2. Lightning Bold Pelican Boardshorts -Lightning bolt, your pure source of stoke and style. Its all 20 inches and shorter at these shows.

3. Brixton Oath III Hat -Nothing says indie like Brixton. Stay shady with guys who know music

4. Oakley Frogskin Sunglasses -Flare meets fashion. Spice it up with dash of flouro

5. Reef Coastal Cruiser Shoe -Few people actually wear sandals to big festivals, you’ll understand when you lose a slippa in the pit at the Descendents show

Thank you Sand & Serif for picking the freshest threads for the party. See the whole festival style collection here.


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Colorado River Paddle Adventure

To truly practice what we preach here at SWELL, our gear buyer Morgan, Dave from Marketing, and local surfer babe Jess demo’d the new quiver of Riviera Stand Up Paddle Boards on a 24 mile river paddle from Needles Ca, to Lake Havasu Az.


The journey took us through the Topock Gorge with little shelter or refuge, so selecting the right gear was crucial for success. Elements such as strong headwinds, 95 degree temps, cramping, and rashing were the primary challenges to combat.



Distance Paddle Survival Kit:
Voyager by Riviera -Entry Level hull template for entry level distance paddling
Dakine Cyclone Wet/Dry Bag -Submersible, floating, Roll Top Access
Electric Sunglasses – Polarized eye proection from glare and wind
Watershot Housing for iPhone -Waterproof, Shock Resistant, 3 usable buttons
RipCurl Wettie Hooded Surf Top -30+ UPF protection, rash, quick dry, Rash free seams and fabric
Headhunter -Rash Guard Gel and Clear Face Stick
Eco Sunscreen 30 SPF -Full coverage and water resistant lotion for body.
Mophie Juicepack -Extra battery life for emergency cell use
4-Way Stretch Boardshorts from Volcom and VSTR
Bikini Bottom By Acacia, Top by Tori Praver
Water bottle and towel from Surfrider Foundation


9am departure from Needles Marina: Finding the current, but respecting the boating lanes.


Boaters appreciated our humor, rewarding us with coldies and a friendly flash or two. @SWELLDOTCOM


Lightening our load and flipping out at Topock Bridge, halfway to Havasu

Nobody got sunburned or rashes thanks to SWELL sun protection


9 hrs and 24 miles later, we arrive in Havasu still feeling fresh thanks to the Voyager by Riviera. It stayed stable through hundreds of passing boat wakes. The hull sliced across troughs, and kept a steady forward inertia. Check out all 5 new SUP models here.