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Restore The Shore: Ergo Hurricane Relief

Our friends at Ergo have deep roots in the East Coast Surf Scene, and they’ve mobilized to assist those uprooted in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. After watching their beloved coastal communities get consumed by the sea, a massive effort to Restore the Shore is currently underway.

“There was ten-foot bombs in Mantoloking spitting after the storm. It couldn’t even put a smile on my face. I was just like ‘F**k you!’ to the ocean.” Says Sam Hammer (via Surfline) When dozens of century old landmark piers and boardwalks were destroyed, so was the 38 billion dollar tourism industry in the beach communities that hosted the Quiksilver Pro New York just last year.

With people still stranded in without essential resources to survive, surf companies like Ergo, Hurley and Billabong are scrambling to deliver much needed supplies before the next storm hits the suffering residents.

Ergo has commissioned a special edition Restore the Shore apparel collection with 100% of the profits supporting hurricane relief.

Billabong arrived with truck loads of winter gear for the thousands of survivors forced from their homes, as they brace for a cold Nor Easter weather system.

Hurley and Jon Rose arrived with their Waves for Water support which provides Do-it-Yourself water filtration systems.

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Daniel Tosh Wears Kane and Unke

Daniel Tosh of tv’s Tosh.0 glorifies videos of the most rotten side of humanity, while he acts like a sex offender and insults his audience. So why do over 2 million people tune into his show? Maybe because he threw down the best diatribe on surfing since the Bobby Martinez melt-down, or maybe because of his trendsetting style.

He recently hosted the show wearing the latest styles from Kane and Unke. The Slub Jacket seen here is brand new at SWELL.

If you’ve never seen the video of the super frothing guy at the wedge, enjoy this web redemption and the epic rant of Tosh heckling the surf community. (It’s worth sitting though the ad, sorry)

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Movember 2012: Save – Share – Support

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Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Dudes

Are you the guy digging through his closet on Halloween Eve, praying for some miracle costume to appear? Well here’s a couple ideas to pull off some fringe favorites of the surfing world.

1. From the semi-satirical cult classic North Shore, a Lance Burkhart aka Laird Hamilton costume is a perfect excuse to bust out the body paint and flash your abs this Halloween. Grab a pair of vintage surf trunks from Lightening Bolt, head down to the costume store for a colored make-up kit, then strut around the party like a jock throwing out lines like “You just have a single fin mentality”

Get the hot-doggin Hawaiian gear from Lightning Bolt -A Pure Source of Aloha at SWELL

2. Everyone has a hula shirt, which makes you a brimmed Brixton hat and some cat-eye Raens short of a Mister Senor Daddy Love costume from Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing. You heard his voice-over in the Lost Atlas surf movie, and there’s no better way to drop some love lines on the ladies than to dress like DJ Samuel Jackson.

*Warning: We do not condone black-facing

3. Ya it’s nerdy as hell, but here’s a quick easy Halloween costume idea from the Big Bang Theory. Throw on an AMES bro shirt with a long sleeve undershirt, act completely OCD like Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

The Man Bot tee and other staple graphics by the Ames Bros have been spotted on legit celebs like John Mayer, Weezer, Leo DiCaprio, and those dudes from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The Ames Bros aren’t just tee-shirt junkies, they’re renowned album cover/poster artists for bands like The Black Keys, Muse, Pearl Jam, and Linkin Park.

4. Jack O’Neill is gnarlier than any poofter pirate to ever sport an eye patch. Jack lost his eye while inventing the surfboard leash in the slabby seas of nor-cal. This trucker hat actually includes a wearable eye patch, and the other O’Neill gear has no frills function for any adventure.

So boot that tired old pirate costume and get legit with O’Neill