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Aaron Chang’s #InstaChang Eco Squares

In the age of instagram, square framed photography is influencing the shooting styles of many great lensmen… and who else but Aaron Chang has turned it into fine art.

This limited release is a celebration of the social media style that speaks to so many, in so many different ways. His mix and match prints are now available for you to curate the perfect look for your pad. Check them out here.

ac sq

More about the #InstaChang Eco Collection:
-Aaron has put together a collection of 28 images on a new eco-medium at a price he has NEVER offered before
-It’s a steep discount, compared to his limited edition gallery prints.
-The images will be printed onto Chromalux recycled metal, ready to hang in your home or office
-Super limited edition with #InstaChang authentication seal
-Great for mixing and matching
-Your value increases with your order
-Receive a bonus print hand picked by Aaron for the first 50 people who order

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Sights & Frights of The US Open of Surfing


Sharpie or Metal Mulisha should consider sponsoring the US Open next year because just about everyone was drawn on or getting punched in Huntington. Enjoy a few shots from the biggest s#it show of our beloved sport. (more…)

July 26th, 2013 | By | 7 Comments

Photo Tip | Follow the Light Edition -Mark McInnis Follow the Light People's Choice Award Winner Explains Planning the Shot


Compose your shot before you shoot it. As a photographers, we are always working. Even if we’re driving around without a camera, it’s imperative that we keep our eyes peeled for possible locations to shoot. If you see something interesting, note the time of day, the location and what you want to photograph there. And even if you’re showing up to shoot at a location that you’ve never been to, find something interesting about it. Maybe it’s a background or a foreground. Maybe that means walking half a mile down the beach and shooting pulled back. (more…)

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