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Win 2 Tickets to Jedidiah’s “Gum For My Boat” Premiere This Friday!



Gum for My Boat” is a story of hope that focuses on the children that comprise the Bangladesh Surf Club. “Gum For My Boat” will be premiering at the California Surf Festival this Friday 11/20/09 at 8pm at the Brookes Theatre in Oceanside California.

2 Tickets to the premiere of Jedidiah’s “Gum For My Boat.”

Purchase any Jedidiah product from now until Thursday, 11/19/2009. Orders must be placed by 5pm PST.

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Top 10 Guys Catalog Styles…According to Our Men’s Buyer

Curious if chicks dig your gear? You don’t have to admit it, we already know you do. Coming from a girl, it’s in your best interest to keep the ladies in mind before blowing it with a sparkly Ed Hardy hat or bedazzled denim. For this reason, we’ve elected Swell’s men’s buyer Beth pick out a few key items, plus some of the best gear technology, from the new Holiday catalog to keep you on the right track. Behold, what every man should own this season (according to Beth):


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Behold: The 2010 Miss Reef Calendar


Admit it, all of your wildest dream have come true. Well, maybe not your WILDEST dreams, but for sure some of your cooler ones. Back in action after a disheartening 2009 disappearance, the Miss Reef Calendar is back (no pun intended) in all of its scantily clad glory. Girls, if your boyfriend tells you he doesn’t want this, he’s lying to you. Get it now, because we know you want it.

Get the 2010 Miss Reef Calendar HERE

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Win a Custom-Shaped Board from BAYVI and Brice Surfboards!


Enter to WIN a custom shaped surfboard from BAYVI and Brice Surfboards!


About BAYVI:
BAYVI = “BAY 6” = “Basics”
It‘s about passions. It‘s about expressions. It‘s about the commitment to the ‘basics’ of our lives and the VI degrees of connection we share. More than just quality apparel, BAYVI represents a living, breathing identity. A way of life. New at Swell, the Hawaiian brand BAYVI is all about keeping it real and doing things differently. Join the BAYVI 6A at Get the goods at Swell

A shaper of a new generation, Brice Yamashita has emerged from Hawaii in recent years as a talented shaper providing magic rides for professionals and local rippers alike. Mentored by the best, Brice brings a combination of personal waveriding skills and shaping knowledge to shape that magic board. Watch the guy surf. He rips. Ride his boards. They’re magical. A proud rider of the BAYVI Surf Team and designated shaper of Team_VI, the man is constantly innovating, tweaking, and striving to create the perfect board for you. Visit Brice of Brice Surfboards at