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November 30th, 2009 | By | 346 Comments

Guy’s Top Ten Most-Wanted Gifts of 2009

The Ultimate guy gift guide….
Top Ten Gifts of 2009:

1. Surfrider Membership Tee
The gift that keeps on giving. A killer tee and a membership to Surfrider, the organization that helps to protect the beaches and oceans that we all love.

2. Reef Calendar
Dear Miss Reef Calendar,
Oh how we’re missed you this past year. Never leave us again.
Dudes Everywhere

3. Will Farrell Sunscreen
It’s funny, it’s functional, it’s for a cause.

4. WeSC Flute Headphone
Show off how “hip and cool” you are by gifting this season’s headphone with an elite cult following: WeSC. (more…)

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November 30th, 2009 | By | 1,027 Comments

Girl’s Top Ten Most-Wanted Gifts of 2009

The Ultimate girls gift guide….
Girls Top Ten Gifts of 2009:

1. O’Neill Gift Wrapped Bag
This fun bag has everything we love about this season’s trends: zipper trim, ruffles, and a jewel toned lining.

2. Ray-Ban Original Wayfarers
A classic everyone would love. Hands down.

3. Will Farrell Sunscreen
It’s funny, it’s functional, it’s for a cause.

4. Swell Bead Leaf Necklace
A sure crowd-pleaser without being bland.

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November 29th, 2009 | By | 4,929 Comments

Holiday Gift Giving from Laird…Win a Stand-Up!



What’s SUP Laird! As if his unlimate waterman status, Lance Burkhart performance, and smokin’ volleyball player/model wife didn’t impress you…Laird Hamiolton now carried the title of “super nice dude.” We’re not worthy!

The man (Laird) wants to GIVE YOU a free STANDUP PADDLE board!! is giving away 1 FREE STANDUP PADDLE BOARD to a lucky contest winner so check out the site now to enter to win!
Check out Laird Hamilton’s new website, for all things Laird.

Be impressed. Be very impressed. And maybe win while you’re being impressed.

November 28th, 2009 | By | 906 Comments

Win a Signed Parko Board! Just Follow the Road to Pipeline…

Win Parko’s board! Yes, THE Joel Parkinson.

How to Enter:
Follow (via Twitter)‘s surf shop embassador Billy on his journey to Billabong Pipeline Masters. He’ll give a shout-out for every core shop he visits with Billabong Pipeline Masters gear. Just follow him, that’s it. Now you’re entered.

Follow Billy Here

Get the Official Billabong Pipeline Masters (December 8-20) Gear Here

Official Rules