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Half-Pipe Wave Pool Planned for San Clemente

Greyson Fletcher tests the Wave Pool Prototype c/o OC Register
Just down the street from the SWELL hq at the Vista Hermosa Sports park a new, one-of-a-kind attraction is in its final stages of development. Surf N Turf, an 18 hole mini golf course, restaurant and 75,000 gallon wave pool combo will feature a unique half-pipe style wave pool as it’s crowning feature. It will be the first real water half pipe with sloping walls and gushing water that can adjusted for various skill levels and riding capabilities. Located right in the breeding grounds of a surfing, skating and skimming hotbed, owners hope to inspire a new type of extreme sport and raise the bar for riders the world over.

Surf N Turf San Clemente Development

Drawings have yet to be released of the wave pool, but owners said you will be able to drop into the wave as you would a normal half-pipe when completed. This pool will use the same sheet wave technology used at the WaveHouse in San Diego, but this new skating inspired design might just be a little more user friendly than its San Diegan counterpart.

Project engineer of the wave pool, Andrew Street said, “We want take this up a notch. We want to provoke the extreme attitude of athletes to come be part of our group, as well as younger children… something fun, exciting new.”

While construction of the mini golf course and restaurant are set to begin as early as spring with a completion in summer, the wave pool does not have an expected completion date as of now.

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Photos c/o Fred Swegles OC Register

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Todos Santos Paddle Session – Amazing Photos from an Epic Day – January 6, 2012

One day he’s joking at a local bar about going to Todos and the next he’s sitting in the channel puking up foam from a freak set on the head. Lifeguard and budding surf photog, Jordan Gonzales headed down to Todos Santos last Friday to snap some pictures of friends Bryce and Tj Saeman. These brothers, both skilled and highly competitive when it comes to big wave surfing, invited Jordan to join them on one of their many treks to this notoriously large Baja break. While this swell wasn’t as big as they all had hoped, the day long session did offer some of the cleanest conditions anyone had seen in recent memory.

Jordan packed his new toy, a Canon 50D, and snapped some incredible photos from the chartered boat in the channel:

Images May Not Be Re-Used or Reproduced w/o Consent. Photos: Jordan Gonzales.

After grabbing a bunch of shots from the boat and little dazed from the 3am wake-up call & subsequent race out to the famed Baja island, Jordan said he reluctantly got talked into jumping in the lineup with a GoPro in hand. Several waves and GP stills later, Jordan found himself right in the path of a rogue set wave. “This thing must’ve been 25 feet and it landed right on my head,” Jordan explained. It rag dolled him and pulled him under on a vicious rollercoaster ride in the whitewash. “I was hacking up foam and wanted to kill Bryce when he did finally pick me up on the ski. Of course the biggest wave came though right when I decided to jump in the water.” Overall Jordan was stoked to experience Todos on such a rare and remarkably clean & sunny day.

The above photos are unedited, straight from the camera shots. “The water was so blue and the conditions were so calm it didn’t seem like I was at Todos at all.” Rusty Long, Derek Dunfee, Jamie Mitchell, Dylan Graves, Maya Gabiera, Pat & Tanner Gudauskas, Dooma and of course Bryce and TJ Saeman were out there among others. Special thanks to Jordan for sharing his story and photos.

Click Below for the Surfline TV Video Edit from this day:

Todos Santos Paddle Session Surfline -TV

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SWELL’s 2011 Holiday Casino party featured a craps table, roulette wheel, and several rounds of hold em. Employees played for raffle tickets and won prizes ranging from gift cards to ipads and even a trip to Vegas. Here’s a quick clip of the night’s festivities. Hope You all Have a Happy Holiday!!

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WaveJet Demo: First Look at the Motorized Surfboard

During an off day between the Vans World Cup and Billabong Pipemasters, we stopped by the WaveJet house at the secluded Kalewa bay to check out this new and widely talked about technology. Equipped with a Cannon 7d and Gopro Surf Hero, we asked WaveJet CEO Mike Railey to give us the run down of his motorized surfboard design. Afterwards we took some boards out for a spin and snagged some exclusive POV for you all to check out.

WaveJet Photo from SWELL's Instagram

More pics from the North Shore on our Instagram: @swelldotcom (

About the boards:

With the idea spawning from tow-in sessions years ago, Mike designed the WaveJet as a lightweight propulsion system that can fit securely into a variety of boards and virtually eliminate the need for a PWC in XXL surf. Much like a ski, the WaveJet uses brushless motors that safely suck in water from the front and expel it out the back.

Two rechargeable lithium ion batteries power the device for up to an hour and provide about 20lbs of forward thrust. A standard wall socket re-charges the batteries in 3.5 hrs.

In perspective, this board will travel faster than you can paddle over a distance, but it’s not quite fast enough to outrun waves. A small watch like device powers the 1 speed motor on and off and automatically shuts the motor off after a 10 yard radius.

At the time of our demo, the WaveJet quiver included an SUP, a big wave gun, rescue boards, longboards, shortboards, and even a little body board. We took out the longboard/SUP for filming sake, but the shortboards looked fun and ripable.The same week the local lifeguards also demoed the boards and immediately saw the lifesaving benefits of such a device. Also, days after filming this, Jamie O’Brien supposedly demoed a board and caught several 2nd reef Pipe bombs in a row. People saw him catch set after set, make otherwise unmakeable sections, and then come in frothing on his rides.

We figured this pic would cause a stir. This ones for all the haters.. and for our own amusement!

Love it or hate it, it’s here and if GMAC, Corey Lopez, and the boys on the North Shore are backing it then it’s here to stay.

What are your thoughts on the WaveJet?