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How to Body Surf: Equipment and Techniques

Forgot to bring your board to the beach? Want to body surf like Cunningham? Here are some tips that will get you out there and dropping in like the pros. This article won’t teach how to swim, so use your common sense and know your limits at the beach.

Why body surf?

– Experience the wave in a more natural way
– Good skill for when you snap your leash
– It’s just darn fun


Fins: Good fins are crucial for bodysurfing. A solid pair of fins will give you that extra propulsion to match the speed of a wave and race down the line.

You will want a surf fin (aka swim fin), NOT a diving fin. What’s the difference? A surf fin has an open heel and does not look like a shoe at the back. If you are trying to body surf with dive fins, water will fill up the shoe pocket and easily rip them off your feet when you get pounded by a wave.

A great fin for body surfing is the DaFin Swim Fin. This is the fin used by lifeguards on the North Shore and waterman up and down the coast. It features soft foots pockets that are easy on your feet and are not foot specific. That means you won’t have to look at your feet or fumble with right and left fins when you are putting them on in a hurry.

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SWELL’s Male Models Rip Harder than You!

Element Rider Chad Tim Tim 

“Who’s that Guy?!” That’s probably what a lot of you ask when stumbling across the male models our website.  While our female models are professional, magazine-cover-worthy models, most of the guys featured on our site and catalog are team riders for the respective brands.

Why do we use team riders as models?

Technically we could put our clothes on a Derek Zoolander or Fabio type model, but unlike a lot of big chains out there, we like to stay true to our roots and photo our clothes on the real brand ambassadors.

Whether you recognize the riders or not, these are the guys out there in the lineup and on the streets actually wearing & using the clothes/gear we sell. These are the guys battling it out in the contests and pushing the limits of their respective sports, not doing crunches in front of a mirror and perfecting their signature Blue Steel poses.

Sure we get a lot of funny bloopers and unusable photos, but by hiring the team guys for our shoots, we help keep it in the industry and support many up and coming and often underappreciated athletes.

With that said check our first “Who’s That Guy?!” video from our Spring 2012 shoot:

So how do you become a male model for SWELL? You’ve gotta rip!

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Win it Wednesday: Ambig Fish Fry Tank and Two Tees

This week Bill is on a tour through the badlands for our Win it Wednesday Teaser. Here, he and Lalo give us the lowdown on the Ambig clothing Sweeps straight from the Burning Man music festival.

Here’s How To Enter this weeks Win it Wednesday:
1. Fill out the entry form:
2. Leave a comment- why do you want to win?
3. Earn extra entries- ‘share’ this sweepstakes after you enter and you’ll get 5 extra entries for each friend who enters

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iPhone App Tracks Great White Sharks

You know that adage about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer? Well now, if you are not so fond of great whites, you can keep an eye on where these notorious fishes are headed.


A new app for the iPhone (& iPad) tracks a group of about 12 great whites tagged off the coast of Northern California & Baja. The app, Expedition Great White, was made in conjunction with the popular Nat Geo show with the same name and the SD based Marine Conservation Science Institute to let the public track the migration pattern of these often misunderstood creatures.

For the $3.99 you can see where these predators are heading and gain a general idea of when the bulk of them will return to your coast. The app lets you receive the same, real-time tracking info as the research scientists and also serves up a bunch of other interesting features such as videos, pictures, and fun facts about the sharks.

Tall Tails from a great white shark researcher

Picture from Previous SWELL article “Tall Tails From a Great White Shark Researcher”


For those who are already particularly squeamish about Jaws in the lineup, the app also maps out info on all reported shark attacks up and down the western US coast (and parts of Australia). While this app is intended for entertainment purposes only, I can already imagine folks frantically scoping out the virtual waters prior to their scheduled surf lesson.

Check it out at:

What are your thoughts on such an app?