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Product Showcase – CONTOUR GPS & 1080p – POV Cam Revolution!

New to the SWELL line up are the Countour GPS and the Contour HD 1080p. These two palm-sized HD cameras boast crystal clear footage and enough features that’d even make James Bond jealous. So come along and check out what these two cameras have to offer.
Contour 1080p and GOS cameras

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Is Baja Dangerous? – Un Cuento Cortito de Baja Norte

This post seemed proper for the day after Cinco de Mayo. I scheduled it to coincide with all your tequila headaches. Enjoy!

We left for Mexico on a Friday evening. The day before, my grandpa waved his hairy finger at me saying, “Not a good idea son, NOT a good idea at all!” So I had my concerns when we got to the border just before midnight. Our last minute decision to head to Baja after work put us behind schedule, but the thought of fresh tacos and caguamas lured us south despite everyone’s best advice.

Common phrases when you say you’re headed to Mex.. “BE CAREFUL! Don’t get killed over there!” or “Come back with your head still on your shoulders!”

Even though we were frothing over the buoy readings all week, a day full of pessimistic small talk definitely poked some holes in my dream canoe. Any mention of Baja to friends or coworkers and they’d start talking about beheadings, killings and anarchy… Not really what you want to think about as you near the border.


11:24pm: Tijuana Border Crossing

As soon as we could see the twinkling lights of TJ, my brother and I started searching for reasons to double back. At the MexInsur booth we asked the lady if it was dangerous driving over the border at nighttime. Fishing for a bloody cartel story or something of the sort, we sat there bracing for the worst. To our surprise all she gave us was a warning for possible foggy driving conditions near the coastline. A bit confused we then prodded about the drug war, the killings and such. Her response, “If you guys don’t have any drugs on you then you should be fine, Have a safe trip!” and then she slid the window closed.

You know what happened next? Nothing! absolutely nothing. We took the road south and aside from a slight detour through town, everything seemed normal. We arrived to our destination with fresh beers in hand and our friends greeted us with tequila shots and similar stories of an equally safe arrival. I remember thinking, “Maybe the MexInsur lady was right, maybe Mexico is safe.”


No Salt, No Lime, No Problem


Cartel Doesn't Kill Surfers


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Dorian, Couto, Sanchis, Kennelly and Sion Honored at the 2011 BIllabong XXL Awards

Danilo Cuoto wins $50 at the Billabong XXL Awards

Danilo Cuoto Winner of 2011 Ride of the Year

Friday, April 29, 2011: Anaheim, California. The XXL awards unfolded at Anaheim’s Grove theatre, where big wave pioneers convened to watch some of the latest and greatest chargers push the limits of both tow-in and paddle surfing. Hundreds of the event’s invited guests hooted and hollered as madmen from around the world slid down huge mountains of water on 3 giant screens where the true scale of the waves were definitely illuminated.

Shane's Monster Wave that Won Him 2 Awards

Shane's Monster Wave that Won Him 2 Awards

It was no surprise that Shane Dorian dominated this year’s awards with his massive paddle in at Peahi. He earned both Monster Tube and Monster Paddle prizes for his World Record setting 57-foot bomb at Maui’s premiere big wave spot. Although not winning the $50,000 prize for Ride of the Year, Dorian walked away with an impressive $20k, which he promised a portion would go to the MiIosky family. As many already know, the late Hawaiin charger Sion Milowsky tragically passed away this year during a massive day at Mavericks, California. To everyone’s best wishes he was posthumously honored with this year’s Surfline Mens Performance Award, which his family graciously accepted with an emotional speech. It was a great way to honor the waterman who inspired so many people on the North Shore and the surfing community in general. His passing was a sobering reminder of the dangers of big wave surfing and his presence was greatly felt, honored, and remembered throughout the evening.

The biggest purse of the night went to Danilo Couto who took the Ride of the Year award for yet another impressive Peahi paddle in. The Brazilian’s $50k wave included a gravity-defying airdrop down a monumental windswept face. You could picture Brazilians everywhere rejoicing as he accepted the award. Other winners included Frenchman Benjamin Sanchis’ enormous tow-in at Belharra France snagging Biggest Wave and Keala Kennelly’s impressive Puerto tube receiving the Girls Best Performance Award. Mark Mathews was awarded the Verizon Worst Wipeout award for his hair raising spill at Shipsterns where he was unable to outrun a chunky behemouth after miraculously landing two consecutive inside ledge drops. While no one really aims for this award, the accolade seemed well deserved for such a brave yet disastrous feat.

The crowd at the event included waterman and legends from both inside and out of the industry. Tony Hawk, Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson, were some of the celebs to show face and even the lead singer of Incubus, Brandon Boyd, made it on stage to help present an award. Although unfortunately not winning an award for one of his impressive big waves, Mark Healy was hands down best dressed at the event showing up in a beige leather cowboy jacket with tassels running throughout. The jacket was so impressive that even the event’s MC, Sal Masekela, couldn’t resist recognizing it in the midst of presenting on stage. Throughout the night many a cocktail and Monster energy drinks were consumed and respect was rightly given to those with the cojones to raise the bar of surfing. Even though a somber presence lingered in the room, the event was a great way for the big wave community to come together and honor both present and past surfers.

Watch Danilo Cuoto’s $50,000 Wave Here:

For more information or to watch the winning waves and nominees head to

The event will premiere Sunday, May 1 on Fuel TV

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Sector Nine’s Latest: Slides, Spills & (Free) SWAG!

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a downhill skater?

This recent short flick sent to us by the boys over at Sector Nine takes you into the mind of team rider Erik Lundberg as he performs his daily routine. Roaming his local streets of Encinitas California, Lundberg remembers past wipeouts and some crazy dh events. Shot entirely in monochrome and with some sick first person GoPro footage, this movie is sure to leave you intoxicated with it’s beating drums and moving pavement. Includes appearances by Jeff Budro, Evren Ozan, Mischo Erban & various other IGSA riders. Skip to 7:13 for some of the sickest slides known to man..

Want some more action?

9 lives DVD from Sector Nine


Sector nine is now giving away their new dvd 9 Lives: First Try with purchase of ANY Sector Nine product on SWELL. The film features nearly an hour and a half of surf and trick/downhill skating that will have you frothing no matter what sport you rep…

This video is not available in stores, so don’t blow it grab a skate, get your dvd, and start shredding!

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