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Almost immediately after God invented the Internet, folks began submitting fan letters and photos to their favorite surf brand websites in hopes to:

A. Show support

B. Get a job

C. Get stickers

But rarely were the masses using this media as platform for stardom. Enter Volcom’s public and team art galleries. While these web pages have been around for several years, the talent and topics on display here are staggering. If you’ve been hanging around the flats in Leucadia, you’ve undoubtedly witnessed some of the greatness juxtapose between the M.C. Escher and Dali posters. We’re especially fond of the Oliver Walker portrait and Adreon Henry’s entire series. Feel free to make color copies of any of the submissions and display them as you see fit. Such an easy way to make yourself look all collegey and stuff.

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For the most part, we never believe the hype. But the buzz about the film One California Day has got us feeling all tingly inside. Partly because it was shot in our backyard. But mainly because its grainy 16MM format reminds us of those personal health films we had to watch in the 7th grade. Using the tagline: “A collection of stories about the California surfing experience,” it’s safe the footage isn’t going to be the most epic you’ve ever seen. Which is actually good. Personally, hating on Fiji and Indo has made us jaded to our home turf. Which is pretty detrimental considering it’s been flat for 312 days here on Lake Pacific. We’re anxious to be inspired. Especially since Fuel has aired the same episode of Fins for the fifth time in a row.


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Taking a Beautiful Ride with Model Alessandra Ambrosio
words by Monika Steinberg / images by Russell James

You may not know her by name, but you’re sure to recognize her while clad in Victoria’s Secret lingerie or swimwear. Whether posing pretty for the VS catalog or strutting her stuff down the catwalk for many admirers, one thing is for certain, she is very comfortable in her skin and her confidence shows. Alessandra emerged amongst the Brazilian invasion of Amazonian models, like Gisele Bündchen and Ana Beatriz Barros, but what makes her more than another fashion face stemming from Latin America is her passion and drive to help find a cure for MS. Alessandra, being affected personally by the disease–her father was diagnosed in the late nineties–has taken on the role of National Multiple Sclerosis Society Ambassador in 2006 and has so far supported the Society’s MS Bike Rides and done PSAs for the worthy cause. “You never know the beauty of movement until you lose it,” said Alessandra in her From Runway to Roadway PSA. (more…)

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Words by Adam Bernard

Every city in America has a music scene. Five of the biggest cities—New York, Chicago, Austin, Los Angeles, and Seattle—have been contributing the lion’s share of popular culture since before our grandparents were born. Scenes change, however, so in this issue we’re taking a fresh look at the five biggies. We’ll tell you what’s hot there now, and which legendary spots are still around for music historians to check out.

As Ol’ Blue Eyes once crooned, “If you can make it there/you can make it anywhere.” And the lyrics ring just as true today as when they were first written. Nicole, one half of the twin-sister R&B duo Nina Sky, agrees that the city exudes musical prominence: “New York is a musical mecca. In New York City you get everything. There are so many genres of music, whatever street corner you’re on, whether it’s rock, hip-hop, reggae, so many great musicians have come from New York.” (more…)