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Art and commerce are two words we’re not used to seeing together. However, San Francisco’s emerging Park Life gallery is keen on bridging this gap as they’re “…bringing affordable art to the community… leaving behind the fine art setting.”

On a mission to show case the most engaging contemporary art being created today, while also featuring limited edition and unique items that includes books, modern design objects, gifts, prints, paper goods, tee shirts, homeware, a few toys, magazines, dvds, jewelry, Park Life houses a lifetime of inspiration for both novices and core supporters.

Started in late 2006 by Jamie Alexander and Derek Song, the turn-of-the-century commercial space formerly occupied the famous Busvan furniture store, but now boasts 1,200 sq.ft. of an expansive communal network. (more…)

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Is nothing sacred? Apparently not for our friends at …Lost who are attempting to chronicle absolutely everything that makes their dirty minds tick. From after-parties, bikini contests, bar fights, boat trips, pipe sessions (think glass, not Hawaii) and fashion shows, nothing is safe and everything has the potential to appear on their upcoming Lost TV channel. Mostly great, some bad, but all sure to make you the king/queen of the cubicle vid viewing games.

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Check out this video: The Master & The Apprentices – Part 1 of 3


Add to My Profile | More Videos Lucky. Effin. Bastards. Those are the three best words to describe the fortunate groms who were chosen to accompany Tom Curren on a secret boat trip. Bitter doesn’t even begin to describe how we’re feeling. Here’s Part 1 of the three part series that’s currently running on Rip Curl’s Myspace TV Page. Get ready to hate your parents for either having you to early or for not having a job at Rip Curl.

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Mandy RobinsonBehind the Seams with Designer Mandy Robinsonwords by Regina Bresler images provided by Billabong

Long associated with environmentalist pursuits and good vibes, surf culture has always had a hand in the betterment of the community at large. Meet Mandy Robinson, Senior Design Director of Billabong’s women’s line and Creative Director behind Billabong’s Design For Humanity fashion show.

A Kentucky native, Mandy moved to L.A. in 1994 to attend the Fashion Institute, and quickly fell in love with the surf scene. She began her career in fashion as an assistant at Rays Apparel, learned the ropes, and ended up at Billabong, where she has been for the past five years. Her seasoned understanding helped direct the playful and altruistic runway collection that debuted at Billabong’s first Design For Humanity affair.

Design for Humanity successfully rang in its maiden show to a sold-out crowd on April 26, all benefiting SurfAid International. It included a concert by Shiny Toy Guns, a runway show for 1,200 attendees, and art spilling out from all sides. Various artists who created pieces to sell also allotted a percentage of their proceeds to go towards SurfAid International. And a Webcast and eBay auction of both the runway collection and artists’ works ensured that, even if you weren’t in the audience, you could be part of the event. (more…)